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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re committed to providing easy access to helpful information. Find answers to frequently asked coverage and enrollment questions below.

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Q:I have friends who are interested in joining SCAN. What should they do?

There are several ways your friends can join SCAN. If they haven’t already visited our website, suggest they do so. They can research the different SCAN plans available in their area by clicking on the “All SCAN Plans” link. They can also search for their doctor, formulary, and hospital by clicking on the “Lookup Tools” button. When they are ready to enroll, the website gives them several ways to do so. To get them started, give them this phone number: 1-877-452-5898. A SCAN representative will answer their questions and can help them enroll right over the phone.

Q:What should I do if I receive a bill for covered services?

If you have already paid the appropriate copay or coinsurance for covered services, you should not receive a bill from your primary care physician or authorized specialists. If you do, please call Member Services for assistance.

Q:I live in a county that has a monthly premium. How will I be billed, and how can I make payment?

Members who live in a county with a monthly plan premium will receive a bill in the mail. Your payment is due by the 1st of the month and you can pay one of several ways:

  • Check or money order
  • Credit card or debit card 
  • AutoPay. This will automatically deduct your plan premium from your checking or savings account. There is no additional cost for this service. Call Member Services for more information.
Q:What pharmacy can I use to fill my prescription?

Click on the “Lookup Tool” button at the bottom of the page to search for SCAN pharmacies.

Q:How do I find out if the medication I’ve been prescribed is covered by SCAN?

Click on the “Lookup Tool” button below to search through SCAN’s formulary (our list of covered drugs).

Q:I'm on a limited income. How can I save money on my medications?

There are several ways to save money on your prescription medications:

1. Ask your doctor if the medication prescribed for you has a generic equivalent. Generics cost less than brand name drugs. The less a drug costs, the lower your co-payment will be.

2. Use SCAN's Mail Order Pharmacy, Express Scripts. A 90-day supply by mail costs you just 2 co-payments. Click on the link to get more information about ordering prescriptions online through Express Scripts.

3. Some members may be able to receive extra help through the Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy program. Please call Member Services for more information.

Learn More about Mail Order Pharmacies

Q:What's the largest supply of a medication I can get at any one time from my SCAN contracted pharmacy?

​Some local pharmacies may give you a 90-day supply of your medication. Click on Lookup Tools below to search for the pharmacy nearest you. Please note: you will pay 3 co-payments for a 90-day supply of medication at your local pharmacy. The 90-days for 2 co-payments only applies to mail order. Learn more about Mail Order Pharmacy, click here.

Q:I am going on vacation but the pharmacy says that SCAN won’t cover my medications because they are too early to refill. What can I do?

SCAN does cover vacation supplies. Your pharmacist can contact the Pharmacy Help Desk number on the back of your ID card to request a “vacation fill.” You can receive three 30-day supplies or one 90-day supply at your in-network retail pharmacy per drug, per calendar year.

Q:My SCAN benefit plan offers transportation. How do I arrange for a ride?

 If your SCAN plan includes non-emergency transportation benefits, call the SCAN transportation department to schedule a ride. For members living in San Diego and Ventura County, call 1-844-714-2218. 

For all other Counties, call 1-866-779-0560. Please call at least 24 hours in advance for a taxi or passenger vehicle and at least 48 hours in advance if you need a wheelchair van. You can use your transportation benefit to go to routine medical appointments with a SCAN contracted provider, as well as to fill a prescription at a SCAN contracted pharmacy. Ride limits may apply.


Q:I’m interested in changing doctors. What should I do?

You may change your primary care doctor at any time and for any reason. To find a SCAN contracted doctor in your area, click on the “Lookup Tool” button below to search for a doctor online. Or call Member Services, and a representative will be happy to help you find a doctor in your area. If you call to switch your doctor by the 20th of the month, the change will be effective on the first of the next month. A change after the 20th will take effect on the first of the following month.

Q:Does SCAN cover physical exams?

Yes. These appointments are also when your doctor will let you know what preventive tests and screenings you might need, so it’s important to see your primary care doctor every year. So if you haven’t seen him or her in the last 12 months, please call and schedule an appointment soon.

Q:I’m a new SCAN member. When can I expect to receive my identification card?

You can expect it to arrive in the mail approximately 10 days after your application is processed by SCAN.

Q:I’ve lost my ID card. How can I get a replacement?

Just call Member Services and they will order a replacement card for you. You should receive your new card within a week.  Members who have created an online profile can order their ID card online.  

Create an online profile.

Q:What should I do if I’m away from the SCAN service area and I need emergency care?

All SCAN plans cover emergency care anywhere in the United States; some plans also include worldwide coverage for emergency care, so be sure you know your coverage when you travel. We do ask that you or a member of your family contact SCAN within 48 hours of receiving emergency services.

Q:How do I get diabetic testing supplies covered with SCAN?

Just have your doctor write a prescription and take it to any SCAN contracted pharmacy—or have your doctor send the prescription electronically. Diabetic testing supplies are also available from the SCAN Mail-Order Pharmacy for your convenience. 

SCAN covers (Abbott) Freestyle brand glucometers, test strips and control solution. We cover any brand of lancets and lancet devices/kits, including those produced by Accu-Chek and One Touch.

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