Community Benefit

In keeping with our nonprofit mission, SCAN actively pursues opportunities to engage in–and with–the communities we serve. Our efforts include a robust community giving program, collaboration with a wide variety of local service partners, and a health education program to encourage wellness. In addition, through our Volunteer Action for Aging program, we offer volunteer opportunities that strengthen the bond between community members and local seniors. And through our award-winning Trading Ages senior sensitivity training program, we work to educate the community at large on the needs and challenges of older adults in order to improve service.

SCAN is committed to helping bridge the gaps between what's needed and what's available to help seniors stay healthy and independent.

2017 Report to Our Community

An overview of SCAN’s directions, efforts and events in 2017 that focused on improving the health and well-being of its members and other seniors in the community. Key SCAN executives share their perspectives on the year’s developments in market position, customer service, provider collaboration and community partnerships and the impact these changes had on members and others who benefit from SCAN’s programs and services.

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Volunteer Action for Aging engages and serves seniors through volunteerism