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What is Interoperability and what does it mean for you?

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), interoperability aims to give people access to their health information when they need it most and in a way they can best use it. CMS is putting this into action with many of the programs it oversees, including Medicare Advantage through a new regulation aimed at improving patient access to and interoperability of health plan information.

As a SCAN member, this means you will have the option to access your health information in a new way. This is part of a decades-long initiative to better connect and share important information that can also help researchers and public health agencies to better understand and meet the nation’s health challenges.

Put simply, this regulation requires that health plans enable patients through independent third-party applications (apps) on computers and mobile devices, and with your authorization, to access your health information maintained by SCAN.

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Disclaimer: SCAN does not necessarily maintain your entire medical record. Additional information should be sought from your healthcare provider(s).

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