Get Your Membership Off to a Quick Start!

Welcome to SCAN Health Plan! We know you probably have a few questions about what to do next. This helpful video explains what you need to do to get started with your new plan.

Video Transcript


Welcome to SCAN Health Plan.

Getting started with your new plan is easy.

Start by carefully reviewing the information on your SCAN ID card. Once your membership takes effect, you’ll show this card anywhere you receive care or service.

Next, connect with your primary care doctor. They’ll oversee all of your care. Ask their support staff, your primary care team, about the best ways to contact them, where to go for urgent care and if they have a patient portal.

Look up your prescription medications on our Formulary. Find out what tiers they’re on and if there are lower tier alternatives. Look for any special instruction notes; they’re good to know before you need a refill.

For more details about your benefits, review your plan materials. They’re online and ready when you need them. Find them faster by registering for a member account.

Don’t forget: You can call SCAN Member Services directly with any questions.

Before your new membership takes effect, remember to:

  • Place your SCAN ID in your wallet.
  • Explore our website.
  • Register for a member account.
  • Look up your medications.
  • And decide how soon to see your primary care doctor.

Our Member Services team is here to help however and whenever you need.

Welcome to SCAN Health Plan.

We’ve outlined the things for you to know, do or be on the lookout for in the time before or soon after your membership begins.

By now, you should have received your SCAN member ID card. Once your membership takes effect, show your SCAN ID card at the doctor’s office, pharmacy and anywhere you receive care or service.

Sample Member Card

Have a question about the information or haven’t gotten your ID card yet? Let SCAN Member Services know.

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