Travel Assurance

For international travel: you're covered worldwide for urgent and emergency care.

First, know that all SCAN plans provide worldwide coverage for urgent and emergency care.

Most vacation plans don’t include a visit to the emergency room! But with SCAN Travel Assurance, you can travel with confidence, knowing that whenever you travel outside the U.S., your SCAN coverage goes, too.

Your Travel Assurance includes coverage for needed urgent and emergency care outside of the U.S.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Travel Benefit

Q: How will I be reimbursed for my emergency care and will SCAN cover the full cost of the care?

If you receive care for a medical emergency while you're traveling, make sure to save all of your medical receipts. Complete the Travel Assurance Form that's right for you (either foreign travel or domestic travel within the U.S.) and provide detailed information related to the care you received. You can send the form, receipts and related information to SCAN via email, fax or mail.

SCAN will reimburse you for covered out-of-network emergency and urgent care services at Original Medicare reimbursement rates less any copays associated with your care. You will be responsible for any remaining costs.

Q: I’m going to be away from home for several months. Can I see another doctor for my regular physical exam while I’m away?

The short answer is no. Your SCAN plan doesn’t include coverage for routine or preventive care while you’re away from your regular doctor. The travel benefit covers you for the unexpected illnesses and injuries you can’t predict and plan for.

Better to plan ahead and schedule an appointment with your doctor before you leave to get vaccines you’ll need while traveling, refills on your prescriptions to last while you’re away and any other regular care needed.

Q: Will I have to pay to see a doctor when I’m away from home?

Whenever you receive care, always show your SCAN ID card so they know you’re a SCAN member. Some out-of-area doctors and hospitals will bill SCAN directly so you’ll only have to pay your copayments. Others may require you to pay them and then get reimbursed from SCAN.

Q: Do I need to buy travel insurance since I have SCAN Travel Assurance?

You should consider it. SCAN Travel Assurance is not travel insurance. While Original Medicare does not cover worldwide emergency and urgent care are SCAN does. SCAN Travel Assurance applies whether you’re traveling outside your SCAN service area or outside of the U.S. or its territories.

We also recommend that you purchase medical travel insurance to help you pay for any unforeseen medical incidents while traveling outside of the country. This type of policy can protect you from paying higher out-of-pocket medical expenses for services not covered by your SCAN plan while traveling internationally.

SCAN Travel Assurance outlines the coverage available when you travel internationally. Many SCAN benefits can also be used when traveling inside the United States with SCAN on the go. Learn more about SCAN on the go benefits here.

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