Returning to Home

Find out if you qualify for in-home services after a hospital or nursing facility stay.

SCAN offers an in-home care benefit for many plans.

SCAN Returning to Home is an in-home care benefit that takes the stress out of coming home after a hospital or skilled-nursing facility stay.

Returning to Home provides support and personal care services following a discharge from a hospital or skilled-nursing facility. The benefit allows you to focus on what’s important: feeling better and getting back to your routine.

Within seven days of being discharged, you, a family member or your doctor can request services. If eligible, SCAN Returning to Home includes the following:

  • Help at home with day-to-day living. A total of 40/60 hours of home visits per year (up to four hours per visit) to help with bathing, dressing, laundry, light housekeeping or other daily activities so you can focus on getting better. (Total hours available vary by plan. Check your Evidence of Coverage)
  • Prepared meals delivered to you at home. For up to 28 days after you come home (up to 84 meals per year), so you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping or planning and preparing meals while you’re on the mend.
  • Help understanding your medications. It’s not unusual to leave the hospital with a few new medications, which can be hard to manage once you’re home. We can help you find the right answers.
  • Ongoing support. A SCAN care navigator is available to help you throughout your transition home, from getting answers you might have about your discharge plans to coordinating your follow-up care.
  • No-cost services. All SCAN Returning to Home services have a $0 copay.

This benefit can be in addition to, but not a replacement of Medicare-covered home health services. SCAN Returning to Home isn’t available for all SCAN plans. Check your Evidence of Coverage to see exactly what your plan includes.

Contact SCAN

Questions about this benefit? SCAN Member Services is here to help: (800) 559-3500 TTY: 711

Frequently Asked Questions about the SCAN Returning to Home (Post-Hospital Care Benefit)

Q: Who can use this benefit?

Current SCAN members whose plan includes the in-home care benefit or their family, friends, or doctor can request services within seven days of the member being discharged from a hospital or skilled-nursing facility.

Q: My husband isn’t a SCAN member, but he was recently discharged from the hospital. Can he use my Returning to Home benefit?

No, only current SCAN members with the Returning to Home benefit can use this benefit.

Q: Do I need a referral from my doctor for this service?

No, you don’t need your doctor’s referral, but your doctor can request services on your behalf.

Q: How do I, a family member, a friend or my doctor request services?

Please call SCAN Member Services.

Q: I’ve already used my Returning to Home benefit once this year, but I’m going back into the hospital in a couple of weeks. Can I use this benefit after I’m discharged from that hospital stay?

You can use this benefit within seven days of being discharged from any hospital or skilled-nursing facility stay as long as you haven’t used up the 40/60 hours of home visits and/or the 84 prepared meals allowed within a year. (Total hours/meals vary by plan. Check your Evidence of Coverage).

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