Claim Submission


SCAN offers two options for submitting claims:

Electronic Claim Submission (EDI 837: Healthcare Claim Transaction)

SCAN encourages Providers to submit claims electronically utilizing the EDI 837 Healthcare Claim Transaction.

Providers can contact their Clearinghouse (provide SCAN’s Payer ID# SCAN1) and Practice Management System (PMS) vendor or Hospital Information System (HIS) vendor to establish EDI 837 connectivity with SCAN.

Note: Provider submission must comply with current HIPAA EDI standards.

SCAN Clearinghouse Information
- SCAN EDI 837 Vendor: SCAN partners with Office Ally at no cost to providers
- SCAN’s Payer ID#: SCAN1
- Office Ally Contact Information:
- Phone: (360) 975-7000 (Mon-Fri, 5am-9pm PST, Sat/Sun 6am-5pm PST)
- Email:
- Live Chat:

SCAN Contact Information:
- Phone: (800) 307-8003, Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm PST

Mailed Paper Claims

Providers can view the Address to Submit Claims on SCAN’s Provider Portal under the Eligibility Tab. The returned eligibility search will include the claim submission address.

Note: Paper claims must be submitted on current CMS standard UB-04 or CMS-1500 forms.

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