Claim Status Inquiry

SCAN’s Provider Portal allows Providers to gain immediate access to claim status. Please allow 14 days for claim(s) to reflect on the portal before submitting a duplicate claim.

Note: Providers can confirm if a claim was sent to the correct address on SCAN’s Provider Portal under the Eligibility Tab in the Address to Submit Claims field.


How to Search Member Claim Status

Two ways to search:
1. Member ID and Date of Birth or
2. SCAN Claim Number

To view claims for specific period, enter the begin and end date
Multiple claims can be searched by entering a comma after each claim#

Note: Paid claims details including Check#, Tracers and Remittance Advice can be obtained through ECHO Health.

For Portal Assistance


Phone: (888) 450-7226, Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm PST

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