Claim Status Inquiry

SCAN’s Provider Portal allows providers to gain immediate access to claim status.  Also, providers can refer to Provider Portal under Eligibility Tab in the “Address to Submit Claims” field to confirm responsible entity for processing of a claim.

  • If it reflects a delegate’s name and address, provider should contact delegate for status of claim.
  • If it reflects SCAN, and provider mailed to SCAN’s address, then allow fourteen (14) calendar days for claim (from date of submission) to reflect in Provider Portal. If claim is not reflected in the Provider Portal, check your rejection reports from clearinghouse(s).

Provider should review the below items related to the claim in question to help understand the claim status and identify potential next steps.

  • Remittance Advice or visit Echo Health to create an account to access detailed explanation
  • Claim Details under “Claim” tab in SCAN’s Provider Portal
  • Provider letter requesting additional information/documentation if applicable
  • “Provider Claim Talking Points & FAQs” section located under “What’s in this Section?”

For Portal Assistance


Phone: (888) 450-7226, Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm PST

How to Search Member Claim Status

Two ways to search:
1. Member ID and Date of Birth or
2. SCAN Claim Number

To view claims for specific period, enter the begin and end date
Multiple claims can be searched by entering a comma after each claim#

Note: Paid claims details including Check#, Tracers and Remittance Advice can be obtained through ECHO Health.

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