Claim Payment & Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

SCAN offers the below claim payment options

1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/Automated Clearing House (ACH): Automatic direct bank account deposits
EFT Enrollment Two Options:
  • Enroll for EFT with only SCAN Health Plan (no fees apply) at:
  • SCAN’s Payer ID: 72261
  • To sign-up to receive EFT from all payers processing payments on the ECHO platform (fees apply), visit
2. Virtual Card (vCard): Virtual Visa Debit Transaction (Default Enrollment)
  • vCard advantages include EOP that combines detailed payment information, instructions, and remittance data in a single document.
  • Providers receive fax notices that contain the RA and, vCard with a unique number to that payment transaction; the number is entered into your office credit card terminal to process the payment as a regular card transaction.
  • • The first attempt to receive a vCard is by fax, if unsuccessful or vCard is not processed within 60 days, payment is voided and reissued as a mailed paper check.
3. Medical Payment Exchange (MPX)
  • MPX offers providers flexibility to select their preferred payment option (eCheck, vCard or ACH) using the MPX Portal, upon receiving an email or fax payment notice.
  • Providers can print eChecks anytime/anywhere using any paper or local printer.
  • MPX is targeted to providers who never enrolled for ACH and opted-out of vCard.
  • Contact MPX Corporation support if you have any questions at 888-471-3920 and
  • Check tracers, copies of cashed checks or RAs can be viewed at ECHO Health
  • To receive mailed paper checks and EOPs, you must contact ECHO to opt-out of vCard, after receipt of your initial vCard payment at (888) 984-5025 and
  • To avoid mailed payment delays, providers are encouraged to: (1) maintain a valid secure fax# with ECHO, (2) notify SCAN of Pay-To-Address updates, (3) ensure their claims include the Pay-To Address in Box 33, not the provider’s physical address.
  • Echo Website Support: (833) 318-7212
  • To update vCard Fax#: (877) 705-4230 and
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