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Vision Care Benefit

SCAN members are covered for routine vision care through EyeMed every year. Check your plan materials to see exactly what your coverage includes.


Vision 101

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Aging and Vision Loss

Started wearing glasses recently? It happens with age. Your eyes and vision are important to your health. Learn about some common vision problems that...

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Focus on Extra Benefits

SCAN Senior Advocates tell us that some of the members they talk with—even those who have been with SCAN for a while—don’t know about all the extra benefits...

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Ask Member Services

Q: My doctor says I should get a special “diabetic” eye exam. Is it part of my SCAN benefits?

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Community Spotlight: First Responders Get Senior Savvy

Talk about feeling their age! Last November, Long Beach firefighters experienced for themselves some of the physical and emotional losses many seniors...

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By 2040, 20 percent of the total U.S. population will be 65 or older—that’s more than 81 million people. This population boom will inevitably impact communities...

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New to SCAN? Our Senior Advocates Share Tried-and-True Ways to Get Started

Our senior advocates were new SCAN members themselves at one time, and they talk to many other members in their jobs at SCAN. So, they have a good idea...

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CEO Message: Let’s Keep It Going

We make a commitment to every SCAN member to deliver quality healthcare and exceptional service. That’s what this issue is all about: helping you get the...