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When you become a member of SCAN Health Plan, you’re not just choosing a Medicare health plan—you’re choosing a partner that will be there with you at every step, providing the comfort, care and support you need along the way.

Use the filters below to see which health plans are available to you based on where you live. Please note: Chinese language materials are only available in select counties.

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Call Member Services at 1-800-559-3500 for additional information. (TTY Users: 711). Hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week from October 1 to February 14.

From February 15 to September 30 hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. Messages received on holidays and outside of our business hours will be returned within one business day.

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This information is not a complete description of benefits. Contact the plan for more information. Limitations, copayments and restrictions may apply. Benefits, premium, co-payments and/or co-insurance may change on January 1 of each year.

You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium.

Premiums, co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles may vary based on the level of Extra Help that you receive. Please contact the plan for further details.

Esta información no es una descripción completa de los beneficios. Para obtener más información comuníquese con el plan. Es posible que apliquen limitaciones, copagos y restricciones. El Formulario, la red de farmacias, y/o la red de proveedores pueden cambiar en cualquier momento. Usted recibirá un aviso cuando sea necesario.

Usted debe continuar pagando su prima de Medicare Parte B.

Las primas, los copagos, los coseguros y los deducibles pueden variar según el nivel de Ayuda Adicional que usted reciba. Comuníquese con el plan para obtener más detalles.

本資訊並非完整之福利敘述。聯絡本計劃以瞭解更多資訊。限制、共付額及約束可能適用。每年的 1 月 1 日,福利、處方藥一覽表、提供者網絡、藥房網絡、保費、共付額和/或共同保險可能會有所調整。

您必須繼續繳納您的 Medicare B 部份保費。