It’s important to us that it’s always easy for you to use your prescription drug benefits. So try these money-saving tips and tools.

SCAN Formulary: Make sure your medications are on your plan’s formulary (list of covered drugs).

Go to, type your medication in the search box and then look for this information:
  • What tier is the medication on? A lower tier usually means a lower cost.
  • Are alternative medications listed? If so and they’re on a lower tier, check with your doctor to see if the less-expensive drug will work for you.
Preferred pharmacies: For the lowest copays, fill your prescriptions at a pharmacy in SCAN’s Preferred network. With most SCAN plans, there is a $0 copay for medications on Tier 1 and Tier 2 at Preferred pharmacies.

Three-month refills: Ask your doctor for a three-month prescription of drugs you take regularly and save on most of your medications.

Mail-order: For low prices and more convenience on the medications you take regularly, use home delivery from Express Scripts Pharmacy. In addition to Preferred pharmacy pricing and three-month supplies, Express Scripts offers free standard delivery right to your door. To get started, call 1-866-553-4125 (TTY: 1-800-899-2114).

You can filter for Preferred pharmacies, delivery available, open 24 hours and more.

Are you a SCAN Connections (HMO-SNP) member? If so, your covered medications are $0 at any SCAN network pharmacy. $0 for prescription drugs provided as part of the Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) program.
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