March/April 2017

In this issue: Easy ways to make your diet more nutritious. You will also find a step-by-step guide to help you decide where to go when you need medical care, tips to protect yourself from healthcare fraud, and how to save money on prescriptions when you “Just Say 90-Day.”

January/February 2017

In this issue: You’ll find out how SCAN works with Medicare and your doctors. You’ll learn SCAN’s “3 Cs of Care.” And you can read why your feedback is so important to us. Also in this issue: A listing of the discounts offered to SCAN members through our Discount Marketplace. (Find more information on these discounts by clicking here.)

November/December 2016

In this issue: Exciting benefit updates for 2017. You’ll definitely want to read about our Preferred Pharmacy Network and new hearing benefit. You’ll learn what to watch for with family members this holiday season. Also: news about flu shots—have you had yours yet this season?

September/October 2016

In this issue: Fall is here, but before you indulge in a pumpkin spice latte, take a look at a member’s firsthand experience with falls. It’s also the season for flu prevention and medication checks. If you’re heading to your doctor’s office soon, be sure to look at our conversation tips and guide on how to see a specialist.

SCAN Club - Diabetes Edition 2016

In this issue: one of our Senior Advocates shares his tips for managing diabetes. A diet doesn’t have to be boring: check out our tips on ways to change it up. We also explore diabetes tests needed each year.