Diabetes Edition, 2018

Inside this issue: Tips to help manage your diabetes, including free online resources, a guide outlining important tests in controlling your diabetes and answers to your nutrition-related questions. Hear from one of our medical directors, who’s learned to live with and manage his diabetes. Find out how diabetes can lead to foot and hearing problems, and what you can do to prevent them.

Issue 2, 2018

Inside this issue: Learn tips to prevent falls and how to fight loneliness. Also, find out about SCAN’s community giving efforts, the 2018 Health Check Record, reasons to visit SCAN online and SCAN’s transportation benefit.

Issue 1, 2018

Inside this issue: Easy ways to keep your identity safe and sound. Also, find out about what’s coming, including new Medicare cards and our next Teletalks. Want to know more about what you can do online? It’s in here, too. And join us for a recap of how we celebrated our 40th anniversary year!