Issue 3, 2018

Inside this issue: Read about breast cancer screening; 2019 benefit changes; reasons to get the flu shot; finding providers, drugs or hospitals on the SCAN website; notable updates to SCAN’s website; prescription refill text message reminders; finding community resources through Community Connections; avoiding scams, showing the SCAN member ID card when receiving care and answers to medication questions.

Special Edition, 2018

In this special edition of SCAN Club: We share insights and information to help you be your healthiest and happiest self, no matter your age. Topics include advance directives, making your meds work for you, exercise after 65 and after 85, dos and don’ts when pain persists, how to take care of yourself when you’re the caregiver, how your diet can protect you from osteoporosis, making sure your medications are right for you, how to make your workouts safer, coping with loss, ways to make eating fun again, mobility aids and being safe behind the wheel.

Diabetes Edition, 2018

Inside this issue: Tips to help manage your diabetes, including free online resources, a guide outlining important tests in controlling your diabetes and answers to your nutrition-related questions. Hear from one of our medical directors, who’s learned to live with and manage his diabetes. Find out how diabetes can lead to foot and hearing problems, and what you can do to prevent them.

Issue 2, 2018

Inside this issue: Learn tips to prevent falls and how to fight loneliness. Also, find out about SCAN’s community giving efforts, the 2018 Health Check Record, reasons to visit SCAN online and SCAN’s transportation benefit.

Issue 1, 2018

Inside this issue: Easy ways to keep your identity safe and sound. Also, find out about what’s coming, including new Medicare cards and our next Teletalks. Want to know more about what you can do online? It’s in here, too. And join us for a recap of how we celebrated our 40th anniversary year!