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It's time to think about your Medicare options.

Turning 65? A Medicare Advantage plan from SCAN Health Plan® may be a smarter, more economical choice. SCAN is here to help you make sense of your options and give you the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Our Commitment to You

SCAN Health Plan® is a non-profit, Medicare Advantage plan that has focused on serving people with Medicare for almost 40 years.

SCAN offers benefits and services that are specifically designed to serve your needs now, and as you age, so you are always covered. And, SCAN has earned 4 ½ stars by Medicare for 2016!

Five Reasons a SCAN Medicare Advantage Plan Might be Right for You:

  1. Most Medicare Advantage plans offered by SCAN have no deductibles.
  2. SCAN offers a low “Maximum Out-of-Pocket” cost, so you know what to expect each year.
  3. Many SCAN plans offer low or no premiums and fixed copayments, which helps keep your overall costs low.
  4. SCAN is an MAPD plan – we offer Part D Prescription Drug coverage with all of our plans.
  5. SCAN provides extra coverage for vision, dental, hearing aids, glasses, and emergency and urgent care when you travel*—plus many more.
"I'm really happy with SCAN. I made the change and it was the best thing I ever did for myself." - Drea C., SCAN member
"We started with SCAN this year...we did some research and saved a lot of money." - Lynne C., SCAN member
"SCAN takes a lot of “ifs” out of your conversation. They’ll answer any questions you have….it’s very easy." - Rosemary C., SCAN member

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Our comprehensive care covers:
  • Personal service
  • Preventive care
  • Prescription coverage
  • Emergency and Acute care
  • Recovery care
  • Chronic care

2016 Benefits for County Include**

    "With SCAN, I found better coverage at less cost when you compare it to other plans." – Bob L., SCAN member

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    "I was very skeptical at first and did a lot of research. I could hardly believe all the benefits that SCAN Health Plan had." - Susan D., SCAN Health Plan Member

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