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SCAN Insiders Share Tips You Can Use, Too

You may have talked to a SCAN Senior or Peer Advocate at an event, during a welcome call or on your birthday. These SCAN employees are also SCAN members and their job revolves around talking to other SCAN members. That means they know a thing or two about how a member can get the most from their SCAN benefits. Keep reading for tried-and-true tips from these SCAN “insiders”!

Is Your Reason for Putting Off a Mammogram Putting You at Risk Instead?

The facts are clear. Women who have regular mammograms are less likely to need surgery to remove a breast or to need chemotherapy and more likely to be cured. And now, thanks to mammograms and state-of-the-art cancer treatment, most women with early breast cancer are expected to be long-term survivors. And yet, some women still put off getting a mammogram. Let’s look at the reasons—and see why these excuses just don’t add up.

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