6 Valuable Extra Medicare Benefits and How to Use Them

There’s more to being healthy than just seeing your doctor. That’s why your SCAN Medicare Advantage plan includes many extra benefits. We’ve listed some of the extra benefits here, along with the simple steps to get started using them.

There’s more to being healthy than just seeing your doctor. That’s why your SCAN Medicare Advantage plan includes many extra benefits. We’ve listed some of the extra benefits here, along with the simple steps to get started using them. SCAN offers many more extra benefits not covered by Original Medicare, too: Find them all at

Medicare Advantage Extra Benefit #1: Acupuncture and Chiropractic

With SCAN’s supplemental benefits, you can get routine acupuncture and/or chiropractic services. This popular benefit can help with overall wellness and help you find relief from pain.

  1. Does your SCAN plan have this benefit? If so, call American Specialty Health (ASH) so a representative can help you schedule an appointment with an acupuncturist or chiropractor near you. No referral from your doctor needed!
    ASH: 1-800-678-9133 (TTY: 1-877-710-2746)
  2. Need more than one appointment? The provider you see will submit a treatment plan to ASH for review. ASH will determine how many sessions are needed initially. If you need more care, ASH may approve more sessions if medically necessary.

Medicare Advantage Extra Benefit #2: Fitness Benefit with One Pass

Most SCAN plans include a no-cost One Pass membership. Members can use One Pass in person at thousands of gyms and workout facilities. Or use it online for on-demand and live-streamed fitness classes, as well as specific programs like Bold, a personalized program designed to improve balance and help prevent falls. One Pass will even match you to social activities and fitness classes where you can meet others with similar interests.

Get a One Pass member code to start using your SCAN fitness benefit.

  1. Go to and create your online account.
  2. Log in to view or print out your member code.
  3. Find a One Pass participating gym or other fitness facility on the One Pass website.
  4. Show your member code on your phone or a printout at the facility.

Medicare Advantage Extra Benefit #3: Hearing Exams and Hearing Aids

From hearing aid coverage to professional fittings, SCAN offers a range of services to make sure you hear your best.

  1. Start with a no-cost hearing exam. Call TruHearing to make an appointment with a hearing specialist near you. TruHearing: 1-844-255-7148 (TTY: 711)
  2. Need hearing aids? At your appointment, the specialist can help you select hearing aids from many available styles. Coverage in SCAN plans is for up to two hearing aids per year. Plus, it includes a 60-day trial period, 80 free batteries, no-cost follow-up visits and a three-year warranty.

Easy-to-make appointment, convenient, prompt, well-explained and a pleasant experience.
– Satisfied TruHearing user

Medicare Advantage Extra Benefit #4: Over-the-Counter (OTC) Healthcare Items

As a member of SCAN Health Plan and depending on which plan you enroll in, you have an over-the-counter (OTC) allowance every quarter. This extra Medicare benefit allows you to get OTC products you may need.

  1. If your plan has this benefit, you have a certain dollar amount every quarter to use for items in the OTC catalog. Choose from hundreds of everyday healthcare items, from toothbrushes to knee braces to aspirin. Find the OTC catalog for your plan online or call Member Services for another copy.
  2. Choose how you want to place your order.
    • Go online to
    • Call 1-877-494-2892 (TTY: 711).
    • Use the mail-in order form in the catalog.
  3. Look for your order in 7 to 10 business days—delivered to your door!

Medicare Advantage Extra Benefit #5: SCAN Transportation

SCAN Transportation is a convenient service that provides rides to medical appointments, dentists, pharmacies, and more. Here’s how to use your SCAN Transportation benefits:

  1. Schedule a ride to health-related appointments with a phone call. You’ll need to have the exact addresses and times for pickup and drop-off handy when you call.
  2. Call at least 24 hours before you need the ride. If you use a wheelchair, call at least 48 hours ahead. SCAN Transportation: 1-844-714-2218 (TTY: 711)
    Important to know: The reservation center isn’t open on weekends, so call to reserve your trip Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT.
  3. Meet the driver at the curb at the time and place you scheduled. If you need to cancel a ride, call SCAN Transportation and let them know ASAP—before the driver is on the way. Otherwise, the ride will be deducted from your annual ride limit.

Medicare Advantage Extra Benefit #6: Eye Exams and Eyewear

SCAN offers routine vision care without referrals. SCAN works with EyeMed to offer access to a large network of providers for exams, eyewear and contacts. Here’s how to take advantage of your SCAN vision benefits.

  1. Schedule an appointment for a routine vision exam with an EyeMed specialist. EyeMed’s provider network includes most major retailers, as well as many independent providers. EyeMed: 1-844-226-2850 (TTY: 711) or online at
  2. Need glasses or contacts? Most SCAN plans include coverage for your choice of glasses or contact lenses every 12 or 24 months.
    Important to know: If you’re having medical problems with your eyes, such as an injury, pain, or sudden change in vision, contact your primary care doctor.

These extra benefits are available in most SCAN Medicare Advantage plans, but not all. Also, specifics like copays and number of covered visits can vary by plan. Be sure to check your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) to know exactly what benefits your plan includes.

If you don’t have a Medicare Advantage plan, take a look at the benefits, comprehensive coverage, award-winning service, and more offered by SCAN Health Plan.

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