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Straight TeleTalk: Mental Health

This video presentation focuses on the causes of anxiety and depression and provides valuable information on ways to cope with both.


Urgent care or emergency room?

When you need care fast, it’s not always clear when you should go to an urgent care center and when you should go to the emergency room. This video explains...


Think you need to see a specialist?

SCAN Senior Advocates go over the steps for getting a referral to see a specialist and answer frequently asked questions.

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Want to reduce the amount of mail you receive?

There are several plan materials we are required to send throughout the year, including those bulky books and pages-long statements. Now, you can choose...

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Is the flu shot available at all pharmacies?

The flu shot is available at most pharmacies within the SCAN network, but it’s a good idea to give your pharmacy a call just in case to see if they’re...

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