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Want to reduce the amount of mail you receive?

There are several plan materials we are required to send throughout the year, including those bulky books and pages-long statements. Now, you can choose...

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Plan Materials

Here’s where you’ll find our most up-to-date information on health plan benefits, printable provider directories, claims and enrollment forms, and more. Please...

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List of Covered Drugs

Here, you’ll find information about which drugs are covered by SCAN and get important prescription drug updates.

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Pharmacy Benefits

Prescription medications are widely used. That’s why we put so much thought into our pharmacy benefits. We understand what matters most: Medication you...

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SCAN Discount Marketplace

In addition to the benefits you get as a SCAN member, we’re pleased to bring you the following discounts listed. Contact the companies directly to get...

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Annual Notice of Change

Find your Annual Notice of Change by county, language or by plan

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Benefit Highlights

Find your Benefit Highlights by county, language or by plan

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Evidence of Coverage

The Evidence of Coverage (EOC) gives you details about your plan, including what’s covered, how your plan works, how much you can expect to pay and more. To...

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Summary of Benefits

Here you’ll find our full list of Summary of Benefits documents. You can use the filters below to sort them by language, year, your plan name and your...

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