General Compliance and FWA Training Courses

All FDR employees who provide health or administrative services for Medicare members must take at least annually CMS’ general compliance training as well as fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) training. The compliance program training must be part of the orientation for an FDR’s new employees and annually thereafter. The CMS compliance program training was designed to ensure: (1) Sponsors’ FDRs have at least a basic knowledge and understanding of compliance program requirements; and, (2) Sponsors’ FDRs are knowledgeable about compliance and FWA issues and how to appropriately address them. An FDR may contact SCAN and request assistance with developing its compliance program training.

Methods for Completing the Training

Sponsors and/or FDRs will have three (3) options for ensuring FDRs have satisfied the compliance training requirement:

  • FDRs can complete the general compliance and/or FWA training modules located on the CMS MLN. Once an individual completes the training, the system will generate a certificate of completion. The MLN certificate of completion must be accepted by Sponsors.
  • Sponsors and FDRs can download and incorporate the content of the CMS standardized training modules from the CMS website into their organizations’ existing compliance training materials/systems.
  • Sponsors and FDRs can incorporate the content of the CMS training modules into written documents for providers (e.g. Provider Guides, Participation Manuals, Business Associate Agreements, etc.).

Training courses are available on the CMS Medicare Learning Network. Select the link below for details on accessing the CMS’ Compliance Program (MLN) Training Modules.

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