SCAN Community Supports

(Available to Los Angeles County members only)

SCAN offers services for members who are experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of losing housing. The following services may be available to you:

•Housing transition – help with finding housing

•Housing deposits – help with one-time funding of housing deposits

•Housing tenancy and sustaining services – help to keep you safe and in stable housing once housed

•Short-term post-hospitalization housing – provide care in a facility after an inpatient hospitalization

•Recuperative care – short-term care in a medical facility after an inpatient hospitalization

Members must meet specific criteria in order to obtain the Community Support services. Once qualified, you must agree to receive your services through SCAN.

SCAN Community Support Providers

Healthcare In Action (HIA):

Housing Transition Navigation Services

Phone: (213) 669-6453

Horizon Recuperative Care:

Recuperative Care Services Short-Term Post-Hospitalization Housing

Phone: (323) 676-1000

Illumination Foundation:

Recuperative Care Services

Phone: (949) 273-0555

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