Measures that Matter: SCAN Releases First Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Date Posted: 04/18/2024

Report Reveals Positive Impact on Seniors and the Unhoused Population

LONG BEACH, Calif.—April 18, 2024SCAN Group, a diversified not-for-profit healthcare company dedicated to tackling the most complex issues facing older adults through its award winning health plans and primary care medical groups*, released its first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report.

ESG Report 2024 cover snapshot.The report highlights SCAN's commitment to supporting the communities it serves by building environments of care that respond to the needs of aging adults, as well as fostering a supportive workplace where differences are celebrated and everyone has a sense of belonging and can share their unique perspectives and ideas.

“For 47 years, SCAN has remained steadfast in its dedication to older adults, pioneering environments of care that are tailored to their evolving needs," said Dr. Sachin H. Jain, CEO of SCAN Group and SCAN Health Plan. “From our initiatives to address the healthcare needs of housing insecure individuals to our work to fund local nonprofit organizations that support the needs of older adults, we are bringing our mission to keep seniors healthy and independent to the communities we serve.”

“SCAN's ESG report underscores the organization’s core values and demonstrates its unwavering dedication to the communities it serves," said Rosemary Turner, a member of SCAN's Board of Directors. "Through initiatives aimed at fostering equity among its membership and workforce, as well as innovative approaches to addressing healthcare challenges among the unhoused population, the report exemplifies SCAN's proactive stance in tackling pressing and complex societal issues."

Highlights of the report:

  • Addressing Housing Insecurity and Homelessness: Older adults are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. SCAN is tackling the crisis through the lens of healthcare, with three dedicated teams that provide comprehensive support to those at risk of homelessness or those already living on the street. In 2023, the collaborative effort of all three teams resulted in
    • the stabilization of housing for 92% of Independence at Home Homeless Services participants,
    • the placement of nearly 300 individuals into permanent housing, and
    • the delivery of support and services to nearly 23,805 members and patients.
  • Community Giving: SCAN’s Community Giving program provided more than $3,000,000 in funding to local organizations that provide vital services to older adults and their caregivers throughout SCAN’s service areas.
  • No-Cost Community Service Programs: Independence at Home (IAH), a community service of SCAN Health Plan, offers programs and services, such as care management and mental health and counseling services, to underserved older adults and their caregivers free of charge to help them age in their home. In 2023, IAH cared for 21,899 seniors and their caregivers and connected 8,846 people to supportive services.
  • SCAN’s Health Plans Meet the Unique Needs of Every Member: SCAN has pioneered the development of population-specific plans designed to care for older adults that have historically been underserved and overlooked by the healthcare system. These plans include SCAN Inspired by women for women (HMO), the first Medicare Advantage plan designed for women; and SCAN Affirm partnered with Included LGBTQ+ Health (HMO), the first Medicare Advantage plan developed for LGBTQ+ older adults.
  • Addressing the Healthcare Affordability Crisis: SCAN is committed to implementing innovative cost-saving programs that increase access to affordable healthcare options, ensuring that all older adults can get the care and services that they need. For example, the Tier 6 program offers 13 commonly prescribed brand-name drugs at either $0 or $11 per month**, depending on the plan. In addition, SCAN offers insulin at low to no-cost, to reduce cost and access barriers for those in need.

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* Other medical groups are available in SCAN’s network
** $0 or $11 copayment may vary by SCAN plan, county, pharmacy type (e.g., Preferred or Standard, etc.), day supply, Part D dug payment stage, or for members who receive Extra Help

About SCAN Group
SCAN Group, a mission-driven not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to tackling some of the biggest issues in healthcare for older adults, including chronic illness, access to care, homelessness, inequities and loneliness. SCAN Group’s Medicare Advantage health plan, SCAN Health Plan, is one of the nation’s foremost not-for-profit Medicare Advantage plans and serves more than 287,000 members in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and New Mexico. Independence at Home, a SCAN Health Plan community service, provides vitally needed services and support to seniors and their caregivers. Since 2020, SCAN has launched three mission-aligned medical groups, including Healthcare in Action, Welcome Health, and myPlace Health (a joint venture with Commonwealth Care Alliance), each of which focuses on meeting the needs of older adults. Additionally, in 2022 SCAN acquired The Residentialist Group, now known as Homebase Medical, to support chronic disease management and palliative care for older adults in the home. SCAN’s care delivery affiliates collectively serve more than 30,000 members. To learn more, visit or follow SCAN on Twitter @scanhealthplan.

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