Colleen Cain has a proven track record as a senior executive in the healthcare industry, including 20 years spent as a CEO. She has founded and run businesses that have implemented innovative programs supporting health reform and healthcare policy improvements.

Ms. Cain served as President and CEO of Concera Corporation, leading a national business unit that specialized in health and human services companies. Ms. Cain was also President and CEO of Benova, Inc., a company that provided outsourcing services to state Medicaid programs and the federal Medicare program. Prior to that she was the Executive Director of HealthChoice, Inc., a health policy research and demonstration organization, and a Senior Research Assistant in behavioral genetics with the University of Iowa Department of Psychiatry.

Ms. Cain chaired SCAN Health Plan’s board from 2008-12 and the SCAN Foundation’s board from 2012-16. She also served on the boards of CareOregon and Legacy Health, where she also served as board chair.

Ms. Cain is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors, has participated in NACD’s Director Professionalism course, and has done additional coursework through Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Stanford University, the Estes Park Institute, the Center for Healthcare Governance and the Governance Institute.

She hold an M.S. in Health Policy and Administration from the University of Iowa University of Iowa.

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