Claim Submission


SCAN offers two options for submitting claims:

Electronic Claim Submission (EDI 837: Healthcare Claim Transaction)

SCAN encourages Providers to submit claims electronically utilizing the EDI 837 Healthcare Claim Transaction.

Providers can contact their Clearinghouse (provide SCAN’s Payer ID# SCAN1) and Practice Management System (PMS) vendor or Hospital Information System (HIS) vendor to establish EDI 837 connectivity with SCAN.

Note: Provider submission must comply with current HIPAA EDI standards.

SCAN Clearinghouse Information
- SCAN EDI 837 Vendor: SCAN partners with Office Ally at no cost to providers
- SCAN’s Payer ID#: SCAN1
- Office Ally Contact Information:
- Phone: (360) 975-7000 (Mon-Fri, 5am-9pm PST, Sat/Sun 6am-5pm PST)
- Email:
- Live Chat:

Mailed Paper Claims

Providers can view the Address to Submit Claims on SCAN’s Provider Portal under the Eligibility Tab. The returned eligibility search will include the claim submission address.

Note: Paper claims must be submitted on current CMS standard UB-04 or CMS-1500 forms.

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