Processed Claim Inquiry

  • SCAN's Provider Portal only provides claim status for claims processed directly by SCAN whether contracted or non-contracted.
  • Under the Eligibility tab in the Provider Portal, search for member’s Eligibility information and it should include specific information including "Address to Submit Claims" field.
  • If it has been less than 30 calendar days from date of submission of a claim, claim processing status will not be available.
  • Before submitting a duplicate claim, please check claim status using the Claim Lookup Tool under the Claims Tab in the Provider Portal.
  • Payment details for processed claims including check#, obtain copies of check or remittance advice, request check tracer, stop or reissue a check can be obtained through Echo Health.
  • All payments are processed through ECHO Health.
  • To register on the ECHO Health Portal go to or call ECHO directly at 888-954-5025 for login assistance. Provider must contact them directly.

For Portal Assistance

Providers having issues with portal registration or technical questions, contact Network Management for assistance.


How to Submit Processed Claim Inquiry

Instructions for Submitting a Processed Claim Inquiry via SCAN Provider Portal
  • If a claim has been processed under the CLAIMS tab in our Provider Portal; however, provider is unsure of the status, they should review the below items to help determine status or next steps:
  • Remittance Advice
  • Claim Details under “Claim” tab in the SCAN Provider Portal
  • Provider letter requiring additional information if applicable
  • “Provider Claim Talking Points & FAQs” section located under “Provider Eligibility and Claims Transactions” in our Provider Portal
  • If provider still has questions after reviewing these documents, provider can proceed to submit an inquiry. However, they must first sign into the SCAN Provider Portal at
  • Go to “Resources and Guidelines” tab then the “Provider Eligibility and Claims Transactions” section. Scroll down and click on “Processed Claim Inquiry” folder to locate form and follow instructions.
  • Portal form will allow documentation to be uploaded with inquiry. See below examples for why to submit an Inquiry:
  • What is the denial for?
  • What additional information is required for processing?
  • Provider is requesting a member’s MOOP Accumulator amount
  • Track a Certified Claim/Medical Records
  • Acknowledgement email will be sent back to the provider acknowledging receipt of inquiry and advising that SCAN will make every attempt to respond in 14 calendar days, however some requests may take longer
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