Home Advantage

This home-safety evaluation can help you stay safe and independent.

SCAN offers a home-safety evaluation benefit for many plans.

SCAN Home Advantage is a home-safety evaluation benefit that connects you with the professional guidance and support you need to be safe, comfortable and independent in your own home.

If you’ve had a recent fall or illness that’s made your daily activities more difficult, you can ask for a Home Advantage assessment.

Home Advantage features:

  • A yearly safety evaluation. A licensed occupational therapist will visit your home and do a thorough check to find hazards that could lead to you tripping or falling.
  • A complete safety plan. Based on the assessment, the occupational therapist will recommend what can be done to remove hazards so you’re less likely to have a fall at home. Often, the fixes are simple--like moving a throw rug to someplace where you won’t trip on it, securing power cords or putting dishes on a lower shelf where they’re easier to reach.
  • The help you need to put the plan into action. A SCAN care navigator will call you or come to your home to help make the recommended changes. If you need more help to make your home safe, the care navigator can connect you with additional resources in your community to get the services you need.
  • More help when you need it. Even after your visits, you can call your SCAN care navigator whenever you have a question or need additional support.

All services have a $0 copay, so there’s no additional cost for using this benefit.

SCAN Home Advantage isn’t available for all SCAN plans. Check your Evidence of Coverage to see exactly what your plan includes. 

To learn more about falls and fall prevention, please click here.

Contact SCAN

Questions about this benefit? SCAN Member Services is here to help: (800) 559-3500 TTY: 711

Frequently Asked Questions about the SCAN Home Advantage (Home-Safety Evaluation Benefit)

Q: When can I use this benefit?

You can use this benefit after you’ve had a fall or would like to request an in-home safety evaluation but only if you’re a current SCAN member and your plan includes the Home Advantage benefit.

Q: My wife recently had a fall. Can she use my benefit?

No, only current SCAN members with the Home Advantage benefit can use this benefit.

Q: Do I need a referral from my doctor for this service?

No doctor referral is necessary to use the benefit. If you’ve recently had a fall and would like to schedule an in-home safety evaluation, call SCAN Member Services.

Q: How many visits does this benefit include?

A licensed occupational therapist will visit your home once a year and a SCAN care navigator may make one follow-up visit to see how you’re doing.

Q: How many times can I call on a care navigator?

You can call on a SCAN care navigator whenever you have a question or need more help.

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