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Considering a Medicare Advantage plan?

If you’re new to Medicare, SCAN Health Plan® may be the right Medicare Advantage plan for you. We offer the benefits, services and the personal attention that matter most.

Watch this video to discover the SCAN difference.

Video Transcript

Super: Shopping Medicare Advantage? Consider SCAN.
Employee: SCAN Health Plan, is a plan that is truly here for their members.
Super: SCAN is for people with Medicare.
Employee: SCAN is a senior-focused plan. And that’s all we think about.
Employee: You’re going to get a live individual, on the phone, very quickly.
Employee: They get somebody that is very well-informed about their benefits and their health plan.
Employee: We don’t rush the calls. We pay attention to the caller.
Employee: We let them know how valuable they are to us.
Employee: Many of us have family and friends who are SCAN members…
Employee: My mom is a SCAN member.
Employee: My parents are on SCAN. When I see that phone ringing, I think of my mom. I think of my dad.
Employee: SCAN treats people as people. Not as numbers.
Employee: They feel like they are part of a family, when they join SCAN.
Employee: You have SCAN or you’re not on SCAN, you’re with SCAN.
Employee: Once you call SCAN, you’re going to be impressed. You’re going to be impressed and you’re going to get the service you deserve. Really.
EndCard: You don’t have SCAN. You’re WITH SCAN.
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Here’s what SCAN offers:

  • Comprehensive all-in-one plans with no or low deductibles
  • Low-cost Part D prescription drug coverage included
  • Extra coverage for things such as preventive screenings, vision, dental, hearing aids, and emergency and urgent care coverage when you travel.1

Plus, the personal service and dedication to our members that SCAN is known for.

Call Us: 1-855-474-7226

Select your county to view 2018 benefits.2

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Need more help? Call us!

Call us today, and a knowledgeable SCAN representative will gladly take the time to answer all your questions and address what’s most important to you.

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8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday-Friday, (TTY Users: 711)

Messages received on holidays and outside of our business hours will be returned within one business day.

Things You Need to Know About Medicare

Things You Need to Know About Medicare Thumb

Our "Things You Need to Know About Medicare" booklet is a simple reference guide that guides you through how Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans work through SCAN Health Plan.

Click the image to read online or you can download a pdf copy of the booklet here.


Still deciding?

Take a peek at what our sales process is like and find out why our SCAN sales representatives love what they do.

Video Transcript

Super: "We’re with you, every step of the way."
Mary: My job title is a Sales Representative, but I don’t look at it as if it was a Sales job. I feel I am more as….an informationalist. Meeting people, identifying what their needs are, and connecting them back to the SCAN services we provide. 
Mary: There’s not a day when I don’t look forward to going to work. Because I’m helping people, and that’s my passion.
Mary: So we do seminars throughout the year, as so, many of the people I meet with are brand new to Medicare. For them, they’re very concerned, they’re worried about doing the right thing with Medicare, how do I sign up….
Mary: (speaking to a group of seniors) So let me ask you folks a question: how many of you here have Medicare already? (Some seniors raise their hands). OK great! Then this is perfect timing for you to come out and start learning about Medicare…
Senior#1 My mailbox has been inundated with offers. I feel like they’re all trying to sell me something and, ultimately, they see me as a target.
Mary: So, that in itself is off-putting, right? So, we were started as a non-for-profit group and we still are a not-for-profit today, and I think that’s really important to know, because the money we make as a company, it gets reinvested right back into member benefits and services.
Senior#2: (Back at the group event) When I have a problem with SCAN, what…what do I do? Do I call? Is there a phone number?
Mary In some circumstances, when you call into SCAN, you’ll explain your issue, we may need to reach out to the doctor’s office, so oftentimes, they will do that right with you while you’re on the phone, so that we’re getting all of your issues answered together.
Mary: I feel like they trust me. They trust that I will be able to connect the dots for them. I always think that this is…I walk in with a handshake, and I leave with a hug.
Mary (Hugging a senior from the group) You guys are terrific. Thank you so much.
Logo You don’t have SCAN. You’re with SCAN.
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Six important questions to ask now

As you consider a Medicare Advantage plan, you may be asking these questions. Click the question to reveal the answer, or give us a call. A SCAN representative will take the time to personally address these or any other questions you may have.

Am I eligible?

In order to be eligible to enroll in a SCAN Medicare Advantage plan, you must be enrolled in parts A and B of Original Medicare, live in SCAN’s service area, and do not have End Stage Renal Disease and are not currently undergoing a regular course of dialysis. Exceptions may apply, and some SCAN plans may require additional eligibility. When you contact us, we’ll be able to help determine if you’re eligible for Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage and help you find a plan that’s right for you.

When can I enroll?

If you are close to turning 65, you can enroll in a SCAN Medicare Advantage plan starting three months before your birthday up until three months after. If you are already 65 or older, you are typically eligible to enroll during the Annual Enrollment Period that occurs every year from October 15-December 31. You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, however, if you have any of the qualifying circumstances:

  • You are a recipient of both Medicare and Medi-Cal;
  • You have been recently diagnosed with a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart disease;
  • You have recently moved into one of SCAN’s service areas;
  • You have recently lost coverage with an employer.

If any of these apply to you, you may be eligible to join SCAN year-round. Give us a call and we can help you get started!

How can I enroll?

When you are eligible, the easiest way to enroll is by calling us at 1-855-474-7226. A knowledgeable SCAN representative will be able to guide you through each step. You can also choose to enroll online at, by mail or through, the official U.S. government site for Medicare.

Can I keep my doctors and specialists?

SCAN contracts with over 21,000 physicians and specialists throughout our service area, so your doctor may already be part of SCAN’s network. You can use our helpful and easy-to-use search tool to find out. You can also speak to a SCAN representative, who can help you find your physician.

What are the costs?

One of the main benefits of a Medicare Advantage plan is that it may make Medicare coverage more affordable. While you are responsible for paying your Part B premium, monthly premium, and co-pays for specific benefits and drugs, costs will vary for each individual based on their specific needs. SCAN offers no or low plan premiums and copayments for many of our plans. We also offer two ways to save on prescription drug costs:

  1. For some SCAN plans, get a three-month supply for only a two-month copay when you order a 90-day supply.
  2. Or enjoy additional savings using the SCAN Network of Preferred Pharmacies.

When you call, a knowledgeable SCAN representative will be able to discuss the specific costs that come with the plan that fits your needs best.

What kind of coverage can I expect?

With SCAN, you get all the benefits of Medicare, plus extra coverage for things such as preventive screenings, dental coverage, hearing aids, and emergency and urgent care coverage when you travel.¹ SCAN offers a variety of plans based on your specific needs. Whether you’re active and healthy or managing a chronic condition, we can help find a plan that’s right for you.

SCAN Health Plan 2018 Four and a Half Star Quality Rating
Four and a half out of five stars

Rated 4.5 Out of 5 Stars by Medicare for 20194

STAR Ratings

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