Pharmacy Benefit Solutions That Make it Easier to Get—and Take—Your Medications

Pharmacy cost savings and convenience

At SCAN, we believe that connecting you with pharmacies that meet your unique needs is important to being your healthiest and feeling your best. With your SCAN pharmacy benefits, you have a choice of pharmacy solutions so it’s easy to find pharmacies that work best for your health, your budget and your life.

Which of SCAN’s pharmacy solutions is right for you?

SCAN Preferred Pharmacies Have the Lowest Copays

$0 CopayWhen you fill your prescriptions at one of SCAN’s Preferred pharmacies, you save money with lower prescription drug costs and copays.

With your SCAN Medicare Advantage pharmacy benefits, you can choose from a large network of Preferred pharmacies including:

  • CVS
  • Rite Aid
  • Walmart/Sam’s Club
  • Safeway/Albertsons
  • Costco
  • Express Scripts Pharmacy (mail order)
  • SortPak Pharmacy
  • H-E-B
Plus, many independent neighborhood pharmacies are also SCAN Preferred pharmacies.

Ready to start using your SCAN pharmacy benefits to save on your medications? With our pharmacy search tool, you can use filters to find a pharmacy that is Preferred, open 24 hours or offers 100-day supplies—or all of these! You can even tailor your search for SCAN network pharmacies that offer home-delivery services!

SCAN Mail-Order Pharmacy: Where You’ll Find Convenience and Savings

Express ScriptsExpress Scripts® Pharmacy is SCAN’s mail-order pharmacy and part of our Preferred network. So when you use Express Scripts, you get Preferred pharmacy savings plus the convenience of ordering and paying for your medications from the comfort of your home. And you get free standard delivery directly to your door!

Ready to start using your SCAN pharmacy benefits to save money and time on your prescription medications? Click here to learn more about SCAN’s Express Scripts mail-order pharmacy.

SortPak Pharmacy’s Pre-Sorted Medication Packages: Where Your Meds Are Organized for You

SortPakSCAN partners with SortPak Pharmacy to make taking your medications simple. SortPak will sort your medications by date and time into customized packages. The personalized packs are then delivered to your door every 30 to 90 days.

SortPak is a SCAN Preferred pharmacy, so your lower prescription drug copays apply. And SortPak will transfer all your prescriptions and set up your service. Get started with SortPak online or call 1-877-570-7787.

SortPak Pharmacy’s Synchronized Refills: Where All Your Meds Come Together

SyncPak boxUse your SCAN pharmacy benefits to get all your medications at one time with the SyncPak medication synchronization service through SortPak Pharmacy. Juggling multiple prescription refill dates can be stressful and make it harder to stay on top of the medications you need. SyncPak takes care of it all for you by conveniently delivering your all medications at the same time, to your door, every 30 to 90 days.

Learn more about medication synchronization with SyncPak online or call 1-877-570-7787.

Whatever your health needs, budget or lifestyle, your SCAN Medicare Advantage plan has you covered. You’ll find a pharmacy solution to help you get the medications and support you need to be healthy and well.

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