SCAN Club Issue 2 2024

Message from the Editor

The readers have spoken! Discover what SCAN Club readers find most valuable, and share your own feedback.

Array of five covers of SCAN Club newsletter booklets.

Last fall, we asked what you thought about this newsletter. Some of you received survey postcards in an issue of the newsletter; others received a survey via email.

We know you receive a LOT of surveys, so we tried to make this one quick and fun. We were thrilled so many of you took part.

We were also pleased to learn that the vast majority of you find SCAN Club interesting and useful. We learned that these are the types of articles you turn to first:

  • Tips for staying healthy or improving health and wellness
  • Information about using or getting the most out of your SCAN plan
  • Information about disease management or prevention

You also suggested topics you’d like to see in the newsletter, such as food and nutrition, fitness, diabetes information and avoiding scams and frauds. Some of you asked for recipes, so we’ll try to include some as space allows.

We’ll also continue to offer both a print and digital version. While the digital newsletter appeals to many, the print version has its share of fans, too. As Geraldine F. told us: “After I read it, I cut out parts I want to save for future reference and/or to have the benefits information at hand.”

Now, not everyone received a survey, but you can send us feedback at any time. We want to know how we can make the newsletter a must-read for you. I invite you to email the newsletter team directly with your suggestions:

Thank you—and happy reading!

Toni Galloro
SCAN Club Editor

P.S. Didn’t know SCAN Club was available online? If you would prefer to get an email linking you to the latest version online, just update your communication preferences. It’s easy to do in your SCAN online member account. Go to

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