SCAN Club Issue 2 2024

Ask Member Services

Need help communicating with your doctor in English? SCAN offers interpreters for various languages, including American Sign Language.

SCAN Health Plan representative takes a call on her headset.

Q: I sometimes have trouble explaining things in English. How can I make sure I tell my doctor what I need to?

A: We don’t want language to keep you from getting the care and service you need. That’s why SCAN has interpreters available to you for many different languages, including American Sign Language.

  • Service by phone: Call Member Services and ask for an interpreter in your preferred language to be brought on the line. The interpreter will make sure your needs are communicated and you get answers you understand.
  • In-person support: Call Member Services at least one week before your appointment to arrange for an interpreter to meet you at your doctor’s office. If possible, call as soon as you have your appointment time to avoid availability issues.
  • Korean-Language Helpline: Call 1-855-KOR-SCAN or 1-855-567-7226 to speak with one of SCAN’s Korean‑speaking Member Service Advocates.
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