SCAN Club Issue 1 2024

How to Save on Prescriptions

If you’ve ever had to pay full price for a prescription at the pharmacy, you have an idea of how expensive medications can be. Fortunately, your SCAN benefits include cost-saving tools to help you to get the medications you need without breaking the bank.

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For most SCAN members, your prescription drug savings will depend on three things:

1) Where you get your prescriptions filled*
SCAN makes it easy to use your benefits to fill prescriptions at your local pharmacy. And when you go to a SCAN Preferred pharmacy, you’ll generally pay lower copays than at a Standard pharmacy on many of the medications in the SCAN Formulary.

2) How much of each medication you get at a time
If there’s a medication you take on a regular basis, ask your doctor or pharmacist about getting three-month refills. That’s up to 100 days’ worth of medication!

For savings and convenience, add three-month refills to your prescriptions, then have them delivered through Express Scripts® Pharmacy! Call Express Scripts for more information or to enroll in mail-order: 1-866-553-4125 (TTY: 711).

3) Knowing your options
Check the SCAN Formulary for the medications you take: The formulary is a list of the medications covered by SCAN. Note the tier your drug is on. Generally, the higher the tier, the higher your copayment—with one big exception: Tier 6! For the brand-name medications on Tier 6, you’ll pay no more than $0 or $11 per month, depending on your plan. Tier 6 drugs include Eliquis, Xarelto, Entresto, Jardiance, Farxiga, Januvia, Tradjenta and many others.

The formulary also lists alternative drugs. Some of these will be on different tiers and may save you money. Ask your doctor if an alternative drug would work for you.

*Members of SCAN MyChoice (HMO), SCAN Strive (HMO C-SNP), SCAN Connections (HMO D-SNP) and SCAN Connections at Home (HMO D-SNP) and SCAN plans in New Mexico: You pay the same copays at any of the SCAN network pharmacies.

Copay may vary by plan/county and may change during the coverage gap stage. Drug list is subject to change.

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