SCAN Club Issue 1 2024

How to Get More Out of Your Healthcare in 2024

SCAN members wanting to get the most out of their Medicare Advantage plan in 2024 need to know who to call and where to go when they have questions or need care.

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Got a Question? Who to Call Depends on What You Want

Contact your doctor when you want information about or help with your personal health or treatment. Your primary care doctor oversees most of your care. But your doctor may also have other physicians, nurse practitioners or physician’s assistants in their office working together to care for you.

Your doctor can help you with:

  • Answers about your personal health
  • Where to go for testing
  • Your test results
  • A referral to a specialist
  • Adding refills to a prescription

Call your medical group when you want help with “business” issues related to your care. Your doctor works as part of a medical group responsible for approving referrals and other care-related issues. Consider calling your medical group directly to:

  • Check if a referral has been approved
  • Find out if the medical group has a patient portal and how to use it
  • Report a concern about the care or service you’re receiving

Reach out to SCAN when you have a question about your plan benefits or coverage. SCAN covers the care, services and support you need to be healthy and independent. As your health plan, SCAN works with local doctors and other healthcare providers who deliver the care to you. SCAN can help with:

  • Information on your SCAN benefits—from what’s covered to copay amounts to how to use all benefits available to you
  • Stepping in if your medical group is not responding to an issue
  • Finding a new doctor or changing to a different medical group
  • Updating your personal information if it changes (address, phone number or power of attorney)

You can get help with your SCAN benefits in three places:

Need Care? Where You Go Depends on What You Need

We know that to be well and feel your best, you must be able to get the right care at the right time. As a SCAN member, you have a variety of options for getting care when you need it.

Tip #1 when you need care: For routine care, contact your primary care doctor’s office. Routine care appointments are often scheduled well in advance. If possible, schedule your next appointment before you leave the doctor’s office.

Routine Care Examples

  • Your Annual Wellness Visit
  • Preventive care
  • Follow-up visits for any chronic health conditions

Some routine care you may need sooner rather than later. Consider scheduling a visit with your doctor now if you:

  • Need a referral to a specialist
  • Are experiencing new symptoms
  • Need refills added to a prescription
  • Are due for an Annual Wellness Visit
  • Require follow-up care for a recent injury or illness

Tip #2 when you need care: For non-emergencies that can’t wait for a doctor’s appointment, there’s urgent care. When you need urgent care, you have choices for getting the care you need.

Urgent care centers

For urgent health issues that need to be treated in person (think cuts, minor burns, sprains or joint pain, for example), go to the nearest urgent care center that works with your doctor. Many urgent care centers are open extended hours. Find out from your doctor’s office or medical group where your nearest urgent care center is.

If you receive care from an urgent care center (or anyone other than your regular doctor), be sure to update your doctor’s office on your condition, any new prescriptions ordered or instructions you received.

From the comfort of home

  • Call SCAN’s Nurse Advice Line at (855) 431-5537 (TTY: 711) to talk 24/7 with a registered nurse who can answer questions and recommend care.
  • When you’d rather not go to an urgent care center, use your SCAN Telehealth benefit to talk with a doctor or nurse practitioner. They’re available 24/7 by phone or by virtual visit. Call (888) 993-4087 (TTY: 711) or visit

SCAN’s Nurse Advice Line and Telehealth benefit are included in most SCAN plans and available for $0 copay.

Note: Your medical group may also offer a 24-hour medical advice line. Find out by checking with the doctor’s office, in the patient portal or on the medical group’s website.

Tip #3 when you need care: If it’s a medical emergency, call 911 or get to the nearest emergency room!

If you have don’t have a Medicare Advantage plan, look at the comprehensive coverage, award-winning service, and extensive network of caring physicians, offered by SCAN Health Plan.

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