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Four Ways to Improve Your Ride With SCAN’s Transportation Benefit

Medicare Advantage members get a better ride to health appointments with SCAN Transportation and these four tips.

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All SCAN plans include a Transportation benefit that allows members to schedule a certain number of rides each year to and from doctor’s appointments, the pharmacy and other health-related trips. Use these four tips to get the best ride experience with the SCAN Transportation benefit.

Tip #1: Schedule your ride well in advance. Schedule a ride by calling SCAN’s transportation vendor, SafeRide (the number is on your SCAN Transportation card). Whenever possible, call to schedule your rides at least three to four days before you need them.

You may not always know that far in advance, but SafeRide will still need advance notice:

  • At least 24-hour notice for a regular ride with no special requirements.
  • At least 48-hour notice if you use a wheelchair, will need help getting from your door to the vehicle or have other special needs—including if you will have a companion traveling with you.

Always make your reservation pick-up time for at least one hour before your appointment time. This leaves plenty of time for traffic, roadwork and other unknowns.

Tip #2: Know what to expect from your ride. SCAN’s Transportation benefit is meant to provide basic transportation to get you to the care you need to be healthy and independent. It’s important to understand that the ride service doesn’t operate like a private chauffeur service. Think of it more like a really convenient bus ride. It comes right to you at the time you schedule—and it doesn’t cost you anything.

If you will need help getting into the vehicle, loading a wheelchair or other special assistance:

  • SafeRide will assign a contracted medical transport company to your ride.
  • These rides can take longer to arrive if not scheduled far enough in advance.

For regular rides that don’t require special assistance or equipment:

  • SafeRide will provide an Uber or Lyft driver.
  • Uber and Lyft drivers aren’t a good choice if you need help getting to the car, transporting a wheelchair or other special assistance.
  • This option is best for people who have a cell phone. If you don’t have a cell phone, SafeRide will schedule you with one of their contracted transport companies.

Tip #3: When calling to reserve your ride, tell the scheduler the exact address, time and specific area where and when you will be waiting for the driver.

  • The scheduler will place a “pin” on the driver’s map to make it easier to find you.
  • Be at the curb at your scheduled time and location and make sure the driver can spot you as soon as they drive up.

Tip #4: Resist the urge to offer the driver your own directions. Drivers have specific, planned routes to follow. Giving the person behind the wheel your own instructions is an unsafe distraction. Instead, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

If you have don’t have a Medicare Advantage plan, look at the comprehensive coverage, award-winning service, and extensive network of caring physicians, offered by SCAN Health Plan.

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