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Protect Your Medicaid Benefits!

A SCAN online member account has always been a safe, private and one-stop shop for information and answers about your SCAN plan. Recently, we’ve made some changes to give you even more convenience and confidence when using your online account.

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The government has started checking Medi-Cal (Medicaid) eligibility again, after those checks were put on hold during the pandemic.

What does this mean to you?

If you’re a SCAN member who has Medicaid and Medicare, you should receive a letter from your state or county health department letting you know if your Medicaid coverage has automatically been renewed.

Do these two things to help protect your Medicaid benefits:

  1. Make sure your contact information is up to date. Check your Medicaid account on BenefitsCal.com or MyBenefitsCalWIN.org and update as needed so Medicaid can reach you if they need to.


  2. Respond, if asked to. If you’re asked to fill out a renewal form that comes in a yellow envelope, respond right away—by mail or phone, in person or online.

What your Medicaid benefits are called and who manages the program depends on the state where you live:

California – Medi-Cal, managed by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS)

In California, Medi-Cal renewal applies to all SCAN Connections (HMO SNP) and SCAN Connections at Home (HMO SNP) members. Some members in other SCAN plans may also have Medicaid benefits.

Arizona – Medicaid, managed by the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)

Nevada – Medicaid, managed by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

Texas – Medicaid for the Elderly and People With Disabilities (MEPD), managed by the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC)


Steer Clear of Medicaid Scams 

Did you receive a text, email, call or letter telling you to update your personal information to renew your Medicaid coverage? Take care: It could be coming from your state or county Medicaid office—or it could be a fraud. Here are a few ways to know:

  • No personal information. Never give out your personal information to anyone asking for it. If the request is on the up-and-up, you will be told to provide this information directly to your state or county Medicaid office, not anyone else.
  • No cost. Medicaid or Medicare will never ask you for money to renew or apply. If someone is offering to help you “recertify” for a fee, it’s a scam.
  • No freebies. Scammers have been offering gifts, money or free healthcare or genetic testing. Remember the golden rule of fraud protection: If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

SCAN members have reported scammers at the grocery store, church, health fair, local senior center—even at their front door!

If you suspect a fraud, say, “Not interested!” Then report it to your state’s Medicaid agency or attorney general’s office, or SCAN.

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Email: FraudWaste&AbuseProg@scanhealthplan.com

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