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Train the Trainer Series Content

Access to Care 2023


Care Coordination 2022




Improving Health Outcomes 2022


New Patient Onboarding 2022

Train the Trainer #5 – February 26, 2020


Train the Trainer #4 – March 12, 2020


Train the Trainer #3 – September 26, 2018


Train the Trainer Conference

February 28, 2018

Train the Trainer #1 – September 27, 2017


It is with great pleasure to welcome you to SCAN’s new Train the Trainer Series 2021. This series will highlight optimal approaches to amplify patient satisfaction and health outcomes with insights on identifying 5-Star measures as they relate to access to care, care coordination, new patient onboarding and other important topics. The goal of this series is to provide your trainers with the ability to train and educate your staff to meet the ever changing needs of your patients. During each session, you will receive tools, techniques, and resources, designed to give you the flexibility to engage your staff throughout the year at your own pace.

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