Quality Improvement Program

Since its founding in 1977, SCAN Health Plan has been dedicated to its mission of helping seniors stay healthy and independent. This person-centered approach ensures safe, quality, individualized care for all members.

SCAN believes our members are vital part of the healthcare team. By partnering with members, their families and doctors, we build a foundation for successfully achieving quality outcomes.

As a Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug (MAPD) Plan in California, SCAN works with a network of providers to offer Medicare-covered medical and behavioral healthcare and services, as well as supplemental benefits.

SCAN also works with the Department of Health Care Services to enroll and serve dually enrolled Medicare and Medicaid members in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties, providing Medicare and Medi-Cal-covered services to these areas.

SCAN’s Quality Improvement Program includes clinical and non-clinical care services for all SCAN members. Quality improvement is a continuous process that includes regular review and implementation of meaningful and relevant programs, based on nationally recognized research, evidence and best practices in collaboration with the SCAN provider network. 

SCAN has modeled our own Quality Improvement Program on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Triple Aim. SCAN’s quality efforts include three goals:

  • Improve the health of the population.
  • Enhance the patient experience of care (including quality, access and reliability).
  • Lower the cost of healthcare.

One way in which we hope to best serve our members is by collecting clear and accurate information about our members through regular assessment opportunities, like the annual Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information SetHealth Outcomes Survey and the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems surveys.

To learn more about SCAN Health Plan’s Quality Improvement Program, email SCAN Health Care Services Quality and Compliance.