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Video Transcript

Super: "We’re with you, every step of the way."
Mary: My job title is a Sales Representative, but I don’t look at it as if it was a Sales job. I feel I am more as….an informationalist. Meeting people, identifying what their needs are, and connecting them back to the SCAN services and benefits we provide.
Mary: There’s not a day when I don’t look forward to going to work. Because I’m helping people, and that’s my passion.
Mary: So we do seminars throughout the year, as so, many of the people I meet with are brand new to Medicare. For them, they’re very concerned, they’re worried about doing the right thing with Medicare, how do I sign up….
Mary: (speaking to a group of seniors) So let me ask you folks a question: how many of you here have Medicare already? (Some seniors raise their hands). OK great! Then this is perfect timing for you to come out and start learning about Medicare…
Senior#1 My mailbox has been inundated with offers. I feel like they’re all trying to sell me something and, ultimately, they see me as a target.
Mary: So, that in itself is off-putting, right? So, we were started as a non-for-profit group and we still are a not-for-profit today, and I think that’s really important to know, because the money we make as a company, it gets reinvested right back into member benefits and services.
Mary: (Walking into an in-home appointment and greeting a couple) An in-home visit is where I am walking into an individual’s home, sometimes it’s couples, and we are sitting down and reviewing the SCAN benefits.
Woman I have a question about my doctor. If she’s in your plan.
Mary: Oh! Let’s take a look.
Woman I’m just getting used to her over the last few years.
Mary: And that’s important, so let’s take a look. (Opening a SCAN Provider Directory)
Woman She’s in Encino.
Mary: OK. Well, here we go. I found her. So there’s her name, her address…
Woman Oh my lord. Yes, that’s her.
Mary: Let me ask you, do either one of you take medications?
Woman I don’t know the long names of my medications.
Mary: Ah, I know, well, that tells me you’re probably taking generics.
Woman Yes! I am.
Mary: Good!
Senior#2: (Back at the group event) When I have a problem with SCAN, what…what do I do? Do I call? Is there a phone number?
Mary: In some circumstances, when you call into SCAN, you’ll explain your issue, we may need to reach out to the doctor’s office, so oftentimes, they will do that right with you while you’re on the phone, so that we’re getting all of your issues answered together.
Woman Great to know that you’re just on the other end of a phone call.
Mary Exactly.
Woman That makes us feel more secure. Your services are invaluable to whoever you sign up.
Mary I feel like they trust me. They trust that I will be able to connect the dots for them. I always think that this is…I walk in with a handshake, and I leave with a hug.
Mary (Hugging the woman) Oh, thank you so much for sharing with me today.
Mary (Shots of Member Services, people answering the phone, speaking with members…) Our mission is very powerful, it’s simple, and it’s just to keep our members living healthy and independent. Behind that, there are thousands of people working to honor that commitment.
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Keeping Seniors Healthy and Independent has been our mission for over 40 years. Our commitment to our members is what sets us apart, and it’s the very reason seniors continue to choose SCAN today.

We began when a group of senior activists in Long Beach, California, wanted to improve access to the care and services they needed. Together with experts specializing in senior health, they formed the not-for-profit “Senior Care Action Network”, now known as SCAN. We continue to deliver on our mission through everything we do. From great coverage through our exceptional service, we’re dedicated to giving seniors a better Medicare experience.

Medicare’s annual open enrollment is October 15 through December 7. 


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