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Sending in a New Prescription

Once you have set up your mail order profile (see the Getting Started section), you're ready to start having prescriptions filled. Many members find it easier to have their doctor send their prescriptions to Express Scripts directly. Doctors have several ways to do so. They can:

Fax the prescription: (800) 837-0959

Call: (888) EasyRx1 ((888) 327-9791)

Send it electronically (if your doctor has the required software)

Express Scripts, Inc.
Mail Pharmacy Service
P.O. Box 66566
St. Louis, MO 61366-6566

Note: You can also mail prescriptions – but only doctors are allowed to fax or phone prescriptions in to Express Scripts.

Information Needed

The following information is needed in order to fill your prescription as quickly and accurately as possible. Some of this information is required by law.

  • Member name
  • Member's SCAN ID or date of birth
  • Member's daytime phone number
  • Member's correct address
  • Drug name
  • Drug strength
  • Directions
  • Quantity
  • Days' supply
  • Doctor's name
  • Doctor's DEA number
  • Doctor's address and phone number
  • Doctor's signature

If this information is not on your prescription, Express Scripts will call your doctor to try to get the missing information. This may delay your order. If your doctor cannot be reached or does not respond, Express Scripts will not be able to fill your prescription at all –they will let you know by mail.

Your First Order
Whenever you have a new prescription filled using Home Delivery, make sure you have a 30-day supply of the medication on hand so you don't run out. It's a good idea to have your doctor write two prescriptions:

  • A 90-day prescription to send to the Express Scripts Pharmacy.
  • A 30-day prescription to take to your local pharmacy.

It takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks from the time Express Scripts Pharmacy receives your prescription until it arrives at your home.

If you are new to Express Scripts Home Delivery and your physician has faxed in or called in your new prescription, Express Scripts Home Delivery is required to get your consent for processing your prescription. Express Scripts will make outbound calls and it is important for you to respond as quickly as possible so you don’t experience delays with your order.

Controlled Substances
The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) classifies some medications as controlled substances. The Express Scripts Pharmacy can fill prescriptions for these medications, but there are strict laws around doing so. Ask your doctor if 90-day supplies of these medications are legal in your state – and if a 90-day supply is appropriate for you. Please note that a delivery signature is required for all controlled substances.