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Community Outreach Programs

Classroom in the Community

Classroom in the Community is a health education series designed to help older adults learn how to manage and improve their health. The program concentrates on prevention activities that encourage older adults to learn and practice better health behaviors.

We offer the following presentations:


Cancer: Clear and Simple - This two part series includes:

Cancer 101 – Provides a brief overview of cancer, cancer prevention and signs and symptoms

Common Cancers for Men and Women – Reviews the most common cancers, recommended screenings and prevention tips


Heart Health – Teaches the importance of heart health and the seven steps to a healthier heart.


Healthy Living - This three part series includes:

Eat Smart – Includes information about senior nutrition and how to prepare tasty and nutritious meals.

Stay Active – Provides new physical activity guidelines for older adults and discusses the risks associated with inactivity.

Get Fit – Provides exercises in an interactive workshop that featuring chair and resistance band moves to improve strength, balance and mobility. Free stretch band will be provided to participants.


Computer Basics – Teaches basic computer terminology, initial set-up procedures, and how to use computer components like a keyboard and mouse.


Tests you want to take – Gives general guidance for prevention screenings and vaccines for people age 65 and older.


Better your blood pressure – Provides basic information on high blood pressure, why it’s important, and what to do if you’re diagnosed with this condition.


Preventing falls – Reviews the serious risks that older adults face of falling and ways to minimize these risks.


Control your cholesterol – Explains what cholesterol is and why it’s important to prevent and/or manage it.


Maintain your brain – Reviews activities to maintain quality of life through health management, increased activity and socialization.


Active every day – Discusses physical activity guidelines for older adults and risks of inactivity.


Healthy eating on a budget – Reviews senior nutrition guidelines, nutritious and low-cost sample meals and snacks, and community resources.


Diabetes – Covers the basics of diabetes and the diabetes food pyramid, with tips and suggestions on how to manage diabetes with the assistance of your health care team (i.e. primary care physician, specialist, diabetes educator, etc.).


Living with Arthritis – Explains common types of arthritis, prognosis, and self-management tips to improve the quality of life.


Advance Directives – Discusses the value of advance care planning, how to communicate further health care decisions with caregivers and/or loved ones, and provides an overview of life care planning decisions.


Dehydration – Provides information on why adequate water intake is important, common causes of dehydration, and early signs and symptoms to look out for.


Depression – When Its More Than Just the Blues – Discusses the signs and symptoms of depression, risk factors and treatment options, and important questions to ask your doctor.