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Medication Adherence for Cholesterol (Statins)

Shared decision making with patients may be the best way to achieve statin adherence.

  • Moderate-intensity statin (daily dose): lovastatin 40mg, pravastatin 40-80mg, simvastatin 20-40mg, atorvastatin 10-20mg per day.
  • High-intensity statin (daily dose): atorvastatin 40-80mg per day; rosuvastatin 20-40mg per day.

Clinical Guidelines

  • A brief discussion listening to patients’ concerns and discussing potential adverse events may make a big difference.
  • Predictors of non-adherence should be used to identify patients at high risk for statin discontinuation for targeted counseling.
  • Clinicians should emphasize non-pharmacological approaches in addition to statins for reducing cholesterol levels in all patients, no matter the risk stratification.

In our current state of knowledge, physicians and patients must form an alliance to more effectively communicate the importance of statin treatment and establish goals for therapy.*

* PMC, US National Library of Medicine, NIH: How Do We Improve Patient Compliance and Adherence to Long-Term Statin Therapy? Patricia Maningat, MD, MSc, Visiting Fellow, Bruce R. Gordon, MD, Chief Operating Officer, and Jan L. Breslow, MD, Professor


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