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Improving, Maintaining and Monitoring Physical Health

Clinical Basis

Staying active is perhaps the single most important factor in maintaining seniors’ quality of life. It is suggested that an assessment of physical health and activity be part of the annual wellness exam.

Clinical Guidelines

  • If appropriate, encourage participation in a health and fitness program (e.g., SilverSneakers, if part of their benefit plan).
  • Instruct patients on physical activities, such as:
  • Stretching
  • Exercises they can do in their own home (e.g., in a chair and in front of the TV)
  • Joining a geriatric walking club
  • Participating in senior center activities
  • Consider physical therapy for patients with pain and other functional impairments.
  • Assess and treat pain.

HOS Tip Sheet (PDF)

Associated Codes

1125F - Pain severity quantified; pain present

1126F - Pain severity quantified; no pain present


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