COVIDReadi Provider Enrollment

Enroll in the COVIDReadi program:

  • Please enroll as soon as possible, as it will take time to collect all of the necessary information (find more information on the COVIDReadi website)
  • Providers will need to report doses within 24 hours of when they are administered and doses administered will be recorded in the immunization registry

Send questions regarding COVIDReadi enrollment to

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

  • The COVID-19 vaccine will be available to everyone for free, regardless of insurance or coverage status. Members will not pay coinsurance, deductibles, or copayments.
  • At this time, all vaccines available have been purchased by the Federal government and is being made available to providers at no cost.
  • Under the agreement, all providers must vaccinate individuals regardless of existing health coverage or the type of coverage.
  • Providers are prohibited from balance billing or otherwise charging vaccine recipients, even for the administration fees.
  • For SCAN members, administration fees for the vaccine should be billed to Original Medicare, and never collected from members.

COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Enrollment Update

  • The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is currently only enrolling providers for vaccine distribution in Phase 1a. As California gets closer to Phase 1b and Phase 1c, providers should be ready to enroll (if not already completed during Phase 1a) with the state.
    • Enroll with the California Immunization Information System (IIS). Register for an IIS ID here:
    • When notified by your local health department (LHD), enroll with CDPH using the link provided by the LHD.
    • Review the enrollment requirements and required training
    • Any questions regarding the enrolling in the California COVID-19 Vaccination program should be directed to the CDPH: email or call (833) 502-1245, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.
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