Urgent Care Check-in

Urgent Care Services Benefit

Important: If you need immediate emergency care and/or are unable to drive yourself to the hospital, call 911.

All SCAN plans offer an urgent care services benefit.

You see your SCAN doctor for most of your healthcare, but what if you need care that can’t wait for a regular doctor’s appointment? 

With SCAN, you’re covered for urgent care visits but it’s good to know a few things before you go.

An urgent care center is for the times when you need minor medical care sooner than you can get in to see your regular doctor. 

Urgent care centers are set up to provide same-day care for a variety of minor health conditions—from colds and rashes to muscle sprains and achy joints. 

These clinics can provide many of the same services as at your doctor’s office, like lab work and X-rays. No appointments are needed so you can come in right away, but know that centers are generally not open 24 hours.

Other things to know before going to an urgent care center:

  • If it’s during regular business hours, call your doctor’s office first. Many doctors have times set aside for urgent appointments or extended hours, so you might be able to get in to see a doctor the same day.
  • Find out which urgent care centers near you your doctor works with and the hours they are open. Ask your doctor for a list of urgent care centers he or she works with before you need to go to one.
  • Know what your co-payment (if any) is for going to an urgent care center.

Frequently Asked Questions about Urgent Care Services Benefit

Can I go to any urgent care center?

While you can go to any urgent care center, copays will typically be less at those centers that work with your doctor. That’s why we recommend you ask your doctor’s office about what urgent care centers he or she works with.

What does it cost to go to an urgent care center?

Copays vary depending on your plan. Be sure to check your plan’s Evidence of Coverage.

I’ve had this nagging pain in my back that won’t go away and decided it’s time to see a doctor. Should I go to the urgent care center?

If your symptoms have come on slowly, call your doctor’s office first. You may be able to get a same-day appointment or, depending on your symptoms and the doctor’s availability, the doctor’s office might recommend you go to an urgent care center instead.

What kinds of things can I go to an urgent care for?

Conditions like these can be treated at an urgent care center:

  • Back or muscle pain
  • Cuts and minor burns
  • Earaches
  • Skin conditions
  • Sprains or joint pain
  • Upper respiratory infections and bronchitis
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Vomiting and diarrhea

How do I know which urgent care center to go to?

The staff at your doctor’s office will be able to tell you which centers work with your doctor and where they are located. Most urgent care clinics are not open 24 hours, so call the centers nearest you and make a note of the times they are open.

Is there anything I should take with me when I go to an urgent care?

Bring your SCAN ID card with you whenever you need medical care. It’s also helpful to always have handy an updated list of your medications to take with you.

Does it cost more to go to an urgent care center than it does to see my regular doctor?

Check your SCAN Evidence of Coverage to find your co-payments for visits to the doctor’s office and urgent care center.

I have the SCAN transportation benefit. Can I use it to get a ride to the urgent care center?

No. Because the transportation company SCAN works with, needs 24 hours’ notice before a pickup, the transportation benefit shouldn’t be used for urgent care or emergency needs.

I’m going to be overseas on vacation. Can I visit an urgent care center then if I need it?

Yes, the urgent care benefit allows you to visit urgent care centers worldwide. Your cost would be the same as you would pay as if you were at home.