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Straight TeleTalk: New Member

Are you a new SCAN member? This TeleTalk is just for you! SCAN staff share tips for ways you can connect with your provider, receive more information about...

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Still Haven't Had a Flu Shot? Three Reasons to Get One Now

Flu season is here. That means you’re more likely now to be exposed and get sick.

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Does an Offer Sound Too Good to Be True? It Just Might Be

Everyone loves a great deal, but sometimes what seems like a bargain can end up sporting a hefty price tag. Take, for example, the call or email that...

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Order Prescriptions Online for Home Delivery

At SCAN, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to fill your prescriptions. That’s why we’re working with Express Scripts to provide you with convenient...

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Tips and Tools to Help You Take Your Medications as Prescribed

At SCAN, we want to make it easy for you to take your medications. These tips can help! Make it mail-order. Say goodbye to trips to the pharmacy and hello...

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Adult Immunizations 101

Vaccines aren’t just for kids. Getting immunized is especially important as we get older because our immune systems weaken with age, making our risk of...


SCAN Announces 2018 Health Plan Benefits, Delivering Stability and Consistency Sought by Seniors

LONG BEACH, Calif.—Oct. 3, 2017—SCAN Health Plan® today announced its 2018 health plan benefits, which are largely consistent with the prior year, delivering...


SCAN Health Plan Offers Tips to Older Adults Impacted by Wildfires

(LONG BEACH, CALIF. – August 24, 2016) — With wildfires impacting communities across the state, SCAN Health Plan is encouraging seniors in and around fire...

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Another Survey? Why Not to Ignore It

When you answer one of these surveys, you are making a difference in the kinds and quality of healthcare you receive.