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Order Prescriptions for Home Delivery

At SCAN, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to fill your prescriptions. That’s why we’re working with Express Scripts PharmacySM to provide...

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Tips and Tools to Help You Take Your Medications as Prescribed

At SCAN, we want to make it easy for you to take your medications. These tips can help! Make it mail-order. Say goodbye to trips to the pharmacy and hello...

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Flu Facts

"Getting the flu doesn't just make you feel bad; it can lead to other serious health concerns or make conditions you already have much worse," says SCAN...

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Clinical Guidelines & Practice Tools

Index page for links to our various clinical guidelines & practice tools

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New to SCAN? Our Senior Advocates Share Tried-and-True Ways to Get Started

Our senior advocates were new SCAN members themselves at one time, and they talk to many other members in their jobs at SCAN. So, they have a good idea...


SCAN Announces 2018 Health Plan Benefits, Delivering Stability and Consistency Sought by Seniors

LONG BEACH, Calif.—Oct. 3, 2017—SCAN Health Plan® today announced its 2018 health plan benefits, which are largely consistent with the prior year, delivering...

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SCAN Drug Formulary Guide

Category: Formulary SCAN Health Plan Comprehensive Formulary A Formulary is a list of covered drugs selected by SCAN Health Plan in consultation with...

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Why Some Drugs Aren’t Covered and What You Can Do About It

When George took two new prescriptions to the pharmacy to be filled, the pharmacist told him only one was covered by his insurance. He had the one prescription...

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From Here to There to Get Your Care

Doug’s car is in the shop. The mechanic just called to say it would be three more days before it would be ready. But Doug has a doctor’s appointment in...