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SCAN Health Plan Announces 2019 Benefits, Offering Enhanced Choices for Seniors

LONG BEACH, Calif.—Oct. 1, 2018—SCAN Health Plan® today announced its 2019 health plan benefits, which include an array of additional features as a result...


Straight TeleTalk: Medications Matter

SCAN Corporate Vice President of Pharmacy Sharon Jhawar addresses a topic front and center for many seniors: prescriptions. Jhawar shares tips on managing...

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Bring Rx Savings Home In 2019 With Express Scripts

Starting in January, when you get your prescriptions filled through mail-order, it can save you trips to the pharmacy and some cash, too. Switch to Express...


Is the flu shot available at all pharmacies?

The flu shot is available at most pharmacies within the SCAN network, but it’s a good idea to give your pharmacy a call just in case to see if they’re...

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Medication Questions Answered Here

After I got one of my prescriptions refilled recently, I noticed that the pill the pharmacy gave me was made by a different drug company than the one...

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Fighting Opioid Dangers at the Front

If you take an opioid medication, the next time you take your prescription to the pharmacy you might hear of some new policies put into place this year...

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Clinical Tools

Category: Pharmacy Use the following clinical tools, approved by SCAN's Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, to help address common geriatric medical conditions...

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Find It Faster on

Looking for a primary care doctor that’s close to your home, speaks Chinese and is affiliated with your favorite neighborhood hospital? Or are you thinking...

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Tips and Tools to Help You Take Your Medications as Prescribed

At SCAN, we want to make it easy for you to take your medications. These tips can help! Make it mail-order. Say goodbye to trips to the pharmacy and hello...

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Clinical Guidelines & Practice Tools

Index page for links to our various clinical guidelines & practice tools