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SCAN Club Issue 1, 2018

Protecting Your Most
Valuable Possession

You own something so unique that no one else in the world has it and so valuable that people are looking to steal it. The good news is that protecting this precious possession of yours—your identity—is relatively easy once you know how.

They’re Smart, But You Can Be Smarter

Identity theft can and does happen to anyone, but people age 50-plus have become favorite targets of scammers. These crooks are becoming more sophisticated every day, but there are ways that you can outsmart them and prevent your identity from ending up in the wrong hands.

A scammer might contact you on the phone or by email or even knock on your front door. He or she might pretend to be from your bank, the IRS or another company you do business with. Whichever method used, the goal is the same: to get you to hand over personal information, such as your Social Security or bank account numbers. Once they have the information, they’ll use it to their financial gain and, more often than not, your loss. So, don’t let them have it!

Be stingy with your personal information. Before you give out any information, ask yourself:

  • Do I know and trust this person/company? Don’t be fooled into thinking you can trust a person just because he says so. Scam artists might use your doctor’s name or have the right logo on their materials, but take the time to check them out. Until then, keep your information to yourself.
  • Did I contact this person—or did he/she contact me? Most companies won’t contact you out of the blue and ask for personal information. So, if you weren’t the one to make the call or send the email, don’t give out any information or click on any links until you are sure they are who they say they are.
  • Is it really free? Be careful about giving anyone your SCAN ID number or Social Security number in exchange for something for free. That “freebie” could end up costing you a lot if your identity is stolen.

Keep documents that contain your personal information, such as tax returns, in a safe place.Better yet, sign up for e-delivery when available; that way, you can view your important documents online and save electronic copies to your computer if you want to keep them. If you do have paper copies, store them securely and shred them before throwing them in the trash.

Be aware of what you share online. Avoid posting personal information, such as your phone number, address, birthdate or birthplace, on social media or other places online. It’s also best not to mention the names of your doctors or other personal health information.

Keep an eye on your accounts.

  • Regularly review the statements for your bank and credit card accounts for transactions you didn’t do or approve. You can also order a free credit report every year from each of the three national credit bureaus by calling 1-877-322-8228 or visiting
  • Review the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements you receive from SCAN. One describes your prescription drug use and the other is a monthly summary of your healthcare services. Contact Member Services right away if there is a service listed that you never received or a pharmacy you didn’t use.

Take your time before making a decision. Do you worry you will burden others or appear weak if you ask a family member or a good friend for feedback before making an important decision? Don’t! Getting another opinion from someone you trust can be helpful in avoiding fraud. And remember, if a person or company is pressuring you to make a decision on the spot, there’s probably good reason to be suspicious.

SCAN Club Issue 2 Member Services Header
New, More Secure Medicare Cards
on the Way


Starting in April 2018, Medicare will begin mailing new Medicare identification cards to all Medicare beneficiaries. Instead of having your Social Security number on it, this new card will have a unique ID number created just for you.

The mailings will take place over a year’s time, so don’t worry if someone you know receives his or her new Medicare card before you do. Your SCAN ID card is still all you need to show when you require medical care. Just continue to use it as you always have.

Show Only When You Know. Even though SCAN ID cards and soon the new Medicare ID cards do not include Social Security numbers, you still need to protect yourself from fraud. Only give the numbers on these cards to a person or company you know and trust.


Not sure if the Social Security Administration
has your correct address?
Call the SSA toll-free at 1‑800-772-1213 (TTY: 1-800-325-0778).

CEO Message: Welcome to SCAN—and 2018

I’m so pleased to welcome you to the first issue of SCAN Club in 2018. Whether you’re a new or longtime member, we’re happy you’re with us. Your trust means a lot to the entire SCAN team, and we work hard to earn it. That’s why I’d like to ask for your help.

I receive a lot of surveys and questionnaires from the companies I do business with, and you probably do, too. I want to assure you that SCAN truly takes member input into consideration. Let me give you a few examples:

Transportation. While you told us you appreciate the transportation benefit, you also gave us ideas for improvement. We’ve been working closely with MedTrans (our transportation partner) to make sure this benefit is as easy to use as possible.

Prescription costs. We know that low prescription copayments are a priority, and our Preferred pharmacies (see insert) are just one way you can save.

Website. More of you are looking for information online, and so we’re continually adding features to our website (read more about the member portal on page 6).

Chris WingChris Wing
Chief Executive Officer
SCAN Health Plan

So when you have the chance to give us your feedback, please do so. Whether it’s by way of a formal questionnaire, a phone survey or an email to Member Services, we want to hear from you. Your doctor’s office and Medicare also want your feedback, and I encourage you to provide it as often as possible.

You see, most of us are only moved to respond when something has gone wrong and we’re frustrated. That’s understandable, and if that’s your experience we want to hear about it. But we also need to hear when things are going well. Hearing what is working helps focus our efforts on what’s not. So let us know that, too. I always share your kind words (like those below) with the team.

Thank you again, and I look forward to hearing from you in the months ahead.

With appreciation,

Chris Wing Signature


I love the way you keep in touch with us … your
telephone team is always there to answer questions
and do it with so much grace and politeness.”
Current SCAN member


I already mailed my check for my monthly premium, so why am I receiving a late payment notice?

Chances are it crossed in the mail. Our billing system automatically sends out a late notice if a payment hasn’t been processed by five days after the due date. Check your bank statement to see if your check has been cashed. If it has, your account will have been updated and you can throw away the late notice. If not, give Member Services a call.

Even better, consider signing up for automatic payments so you won’t ever have to worry about sending a check each month. You can call Member Services to get started with auto-pay. Or, you can set it up from your computer by logging in to the SCAN member portal at Then click on the Payments tab at the top and follow the instructions for setting up secure auto-pay with our banking partner.

I’m new to SCAN and have decided I’d like to sign up for Delta Dental. Can I still sign up?

Members who are new to SCAN have two months after their membership begins to enroll in the Delta Dental plan. If you became a SCAN member effective January 1, you have until February 28 to enroll in a dental plan. You can start using your dental benefits the first of the month after we receive your application for Delta Dental or you complete your enrollment over the phone with Member Services. Call Member Services if you have any questions about Delta Dental coverage.

Welcome to

We thought the first issue of the newsletter this year would be a good time to review some basics. So whether you are new to Medicare, new to SCAN or are a longtime member, we think the information here will help you better understand how your health plan works—and help you make the most of the benefits and services we offer.

SCAN Club Issue One  Welcome Employee

Medicare, SCAN and Your Doctor
The American healthcare system is complicated, and Medicare is no exception. Even longtime members tell us they are not entirely clear on how SCAN works.

We’re often told: “Your benefits are too good to be true,” which is nice to hear, but there’s good reason we are able to offer the benefits we do.

We also get letters stating: “I’ll never leave SCAN because I love my doctor.” Or the opposite: “The wait times at that SCAN office are ridiculous!”

This diagram should help explain how we’re able to offer the benefits we do. And how your doctor and other medical providers work WITH—but not for—SCAN Health Plan.


The 3 Cs of Care

Want to get the most benefit from your SCAN coverage? Follow the 3 Cs of Care:

1. CONNECT to Care.
We don’t just mean “see the doctor when you’re sick.” We want you to connect to care even when you are well.
  • New doctor this year? Schedule a get-to-know-you appointment soon. That can be your annual physical or wellness visit, or a shorter visit where you share your main health concern with your new doctor and his/her team.
  • Same doctor?We recommend that you get in for that annual visit early in the year, so you have time to follow up on any other preventive care or screenings you are due for in 2018.
2. CHECK Your 2018 Benefits.
You already know the benefits you use often, like the copayment to see your primary care doctor. Many of you also know your copayment for a specialist visit. But what about what you pay for a visit to a mental health professional or for physical therapy? Some people assume that those copayments are the same as for a specialist visit and are surprised to learn they are different. That’s why we like to say: “Know what you owe before you go.” No one likes surprises at the doctor’s office!

Your benefits are clearly listed in your member materials— there’s no fine print. You can refer to your plan materials at any time on our website: Click “Find SCAN Resources” on the bottom of the page or log in to your SCAN account.

3. CALL With Questions.
If you have questions about your benefits, contact SCAN Member Services. We want you to have a great experience with SCAN, so please call whenever we can be of service. The phone number is on your SCAN ID card.

If you have questions related to your healthcare, contact your doctor’s office. Your doctor’s main number is on your SCAN ID card, but when you call you can ask if there’s another number that will connect you directly to your primary care team.


New Year’s resolutions aside, there are a few things we recommend you do to make sure you get a healthy start to 2018.
  • Get a Flu Shot. If you got your flu shot last fall, good for you! But if you haven’t, it’s not too late. Flu season lasts until spring, so there’s still time to protect yourself.
  • Just Say 90-Day. Getting a 90-day (three-month) refill of the medications you take regularly just makes sense. Most SCAN plans offer cost savings for 90-day supplies, and you don’t have to get refills as often.
  • Be Active Every Day. That can range from swimming laps or walking the dog to gardening or even marching in place (while seated, if that fits your fitness level). The key is to move your body every day.

'Hello, please join us for a Straight TeleTalk.'

If you’ve ever received a call from SCAN asking you to take part in a Straight TeleTalk, we hope you’ve stayed on the line. Straight TeleTalks are live conference calls that give us the chance to share information with a large number of SCAN members at one time.

In the past, TeleTalks have covered such topics as diabetes, medication use, depression and benefit changes for the coming year. During the calls, members also have the chance to get their questions answered.

If we’re holding a TeleTalk that we think would be of interest to you, we’ll send you an invitation—either a postcard, phone call or email. There’s no need to RSVP; just make a note of the date and time of the TeleTalk so you can be ready to take the call.

There are three ways to participate—

1. The easiest way: Just wait for the call.
Shortly before the scheduled time, we will call to let you know the TeleTalk is about to begin. If you want to join in, just stay on the line. If not, simply hang up. The calls last about 30 minutes, but stay for as long as you can.

2. Call in from any phone.
Call 1-877-228-2184 and enter the code 113146# to be connected to the TeleTalk.

3. Can't get to a phone? Watch online.
Send an email to at least four hours before the scheduled conference time to let us know you want to participate online. We’ll send you a link where you can listen to the live call, view presentation slides and submit questions, all from your computer.


SCAN Club Issue One 2018 Online AccountYou’re getting ready to go to your first physical therapy appointment and you’ve misplaced your SCAN Member ID card—what do you do? If you have an online account with SCAN, you can quickly and easily print a copy of your card from your computer and be on your way to your appointment. This is just one of several new features available through the SCAN member portal.
Take a look at what you can do when you log into your online account on the SCAN website:
  • View or print your SCAN ID card.It works from any computer, smartphone or tablet so your ID card is always at your fingertips. If your SCAN plan includes the transportation benefit, you can get a copy of that card, too.
  • Update your profile information and preferences more easily. Click on the new Profile icon on the home page and request e-delivery of your plan materials, change your password and other security information, or add caregivers to your account.
  • Transfer with one click from your SCAN account to your Express Scripts account. No additional log-in is needed, making it easier to manage all your healthcare and pharmacy benefits. Once you’re signed in to your SCAN account, just click on the Care & Prescriptions tab to securely switch to your Express Scripts account.
  • Pay your premium online.Click on the Payments tab and you can review your recent invoice and payment history and pay your bill right from your computer. You can also set up alerts for when a payment is due or sign up for auto-pay.

March/April 2017

In this issue: Easy ways to make your diet more nutritious. You will also find a step-by-step guide to help you decide where to go when you need medical care, tips to protect yourself from healthcare fraud, and how to save money on prescriptions when you “Just Say 90-Day.”