As chief executive officer, Chris drives SCAN’s mission to keep seniors healthy and independent—both on an individual and community level. He is a leading voice on the national stage advocating on behalf of the growing population of older adults, ensuring that their voices are heard and needs are met as America’s healthcare landscape continues to evolve.

As a veteran of the healthcare industry, Chris has held a number of top executive positions. Prior to joining SCAN in 2011, he served as executive vice president and chief operating officer for HealthCare Partners, one of the largest medical groups in the nation. He’s also held executive leadership positions at Health Net and PacifiCare of California.

Chris’ work extends beyond the C-Suite and into the community. He was a founding board member of Resplendent Hope, a faith-based organization committed to developing trauma counseling centers and training to developing countries, and served on the board of CityMD, one of the nation’s fastest-growing urgent care companies. He currently has a seat on the board of Africa New Day, an organization committed to transforming the Democratic Republic of Congo through education, leadership training and sustainable economic development.

He holds a Master of Business Administration in strategic planning from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Science in corporate marketing and finance from California State University, Long Beach.

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